Having come to an understanding of the law of reaping and sowing or if you prefer the Law of Karma, does this mean the universe acts only reflexively, has been left to operate automatically, with no chance to alter a path or outcome once action has been taken? Yes and no. How’s that for fence straddling. Maybe I’ll run for office. Seriously, most go through life responding reflexively to situations and conditions as they occur, often speaking about God and prayer but relying on the secular basis of living to solve their problems, with the usual unsatisfactory results. Living on the Spiritual Basis cosmic laws remain as immutable as ever, but we have touched the source, connected with intention and now through prayer and meditation we do not skirt the law but reap and sow at increased levels of consciousness. By practicing the Presence of God in everything thing we do we rise above our limitations and transcend ordinary levels of consciousness. Do not make the mistake of thinking though that a perfunctory prayer will save of us from reaping the consequences of our actions, only by a sufficient raising of our consciousness do we transcend the error and free ourselves from the limitations of ordinary levels of living. Having raised our consciousness, having established a consciousness contact with God the path narrows. Even though the consequences of our actions if we stray come quicker and with more vigor, we give thanks for knowing Him better for we are indeed on the road less traveled, the only road worth traveling, for it is the only road that leads to ultimate freedom, the freedom from the bondage of self.

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