How to Broil Hot Dogs in the Oven

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Everyone loves hot dogs! Ok, maybe not everyone but a large majority like them as they’re one of the biggest summer picnic traditions in the United States. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to always get your hot dog fix. Poor weather or a broken grill generally shatters must people’s hot dog dreams. However, never fear! This amazing food is easily prepared in the oven using the broiler.

There is some prep work involved here. Set the oven to broil first, and while it preheats we’re going to do some prep with the dogs. Now, we’re going to need a few things. A cookie sheet (or other baking sheet), foil, oven mitts, tongs or fork, and of course the hot dogs and associated buns.

We’re going to use the foil to cover and wrap the top of our cooking sheet. This is to make clean up a lot easier as we’ll merely have to throw away the foil. Everything can stick to the foil and not the sheet; we may even be able to avoid getting the sheet dirty at all. Go ahead and place the hot dogs on the cooking sheet and put it into the oven when the broiler is ready.

It’s going to take anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes for the hot dogs to fully cook in the oven. You should rotate them every 3 to four minutes as to insure that they’re thoroughly and evenly cooked. After they’ve cooked their ready to be taken out of the oven and served to eat.


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