Integrative design in building green

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LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a company that provides third party verification of green building materials. Meeting highest standards require environmental responsibility and energy efficiency you must complete the third party certification that LEED provides. A company by the name of Canyon Construction provides reconstruction for building that has been vacant and is in disrepair. When clear cutting and claiming farmlands for new constructions’ such as strip malls and office buildings it is in itself causing climate change by releasing CO 2 into the environment and taking away the trees and other plants that absorb the CO 2 and give off Oxygen.

By reconstructing a debilitated building and turning it into an office building it is better because then the resources such as trees are not destroyed leaving us with that much less Oxygen in the air, and that many more greenhouse gases given off.

Canyon Construction headquarters is the future of technology for energy control. There are solar panels being used on the roof, which produces nearly 100 % of the buildings electric supply. The building’s main purpose is to lower our desire for electricity and natural gas. The building has a 3000 foot horizontal thermal loop heating and cooling system, with this system it uses the earth’s inner layers to cool or warm the building.

With the high levels of insulation the building’s design has stopped the need for fossil fuel energy. This building was built with whatever salvaged materials were available, and 90% of the ornamental steel, with 35% of the structure was created from recycled steel. Recycled Douglass Fir and Redwood were what created the ceilings, trellis and balconies and it was FSC certified wood. Sierra White granite that was salvaged was what makes up 100% of the lobby floor, and while rainwater made up 100% of the water that was used for irrigation came from the rainwater catch system, 15000 gallons were accumulated.

Air quality is also an issue, the carpets do not emit toxic fumes and cabinets were built with adhesives that are formaldehyde free, since this is a highly insulated building that reduces energy consumption. The two titles of “green contractor” and “quality contractor” merged which now has the same meaning. People, who care about the environment, can show us how we can continue to use the resources without thinking of the consequences. Let’s all Go Green and save the planet.


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