Get Ready to Sell Your House: How to Prepare Your Home without Going Broke

Selling your home is not always an easy task, especially in today’s real estate market. However, circumstances such as relocating for a new job, or looking forward to getting out from under a mortgage payment that you can no longer afford, can motivate a person to sell their home. However, how can you get your home noticed when the market is down? What are buyers interested in when searching for a new home?

Buyers consider several factors before purchasing their next property. Many find homes that are appealing to them because of the feeling the property gives out that its ready to occupy right away. For the seller, they should look at the more of the same impression of its readiness to move in; the easier it will be to sell. One of the first things that buyers look for in a home is the interior. Many prefer the walls and flooring to carry a neutral tone throughout the house rather than dramatic wallpaper and decorations. This is because they would like something that coordinates with everything.

Now that we talked about what the buyer is looking for in a home, it’s time to figure out how to get your house in tip top selling condition before it is put on the market. There are several ways to accomplish this task without having to worry about any serious renovations or remodeling your home. We are going to talk about how you can get your home in seller shape without spending a small fortune.

1. If there are repairs that need to be taken care of such as dangling fixtures, loose boards, or cracked windows, then be sure that these are fixed up and taken care of before you place your home on the market. Your home should look presentable and maintained when you are presenting it to a potential home buyer.

2. Step outside and take a look at your home’s exterior, see if your trim needs another coat of paint or the exterior looks dull and lifeless. Throwing a fresh coat of paint on a house can add on to its value and give the property that certain appeal which attracts new buyers.

3. Provide your interior walls a fresh new coat of color. Make sure that you use neutral colors when choosing your paint scheme.

4. If you decide to replace your carpet, again find a neutral color such as beige or gray. This gives the new homeowner a choice of how to decorate the inside of their new home.

5. Thoroughly clean each room; arrange things into a neat organized space. This gives the buyer a sense that the home is well taken care of.

6. Put away any decorative items that seem too personal or eccentric to the buyer.

7. Spruce up your yard by adding flowers around the house and by placing flower pots in the house or window boxes in front of your house. This gives your home a lot of curb appeal from the outside while making the inside friendly and welcoming.

Once you have finished your home’s overall sprucing, it’s time to place it on the market and plan an open house. This will allow potential buyers the opportunity to take a look at your warm and welcoming home. You can also show potential home buyers that if they chose your property, that they would live comfortably.
Always make sure to give your home a great cleaning. Place your flower pots and vases of flowers in different rooms. Play some classical or soft music to invite a relaxing mood. Make a treat for your guests around an hour before your open house is to begin. This can also give off an aromatic smell that is inviting. Never use air fresheners or artificial scents for any reason.

Make sure to turn on all the lights throughout the house for the entire day. Finally, excuse yourself so your agent and potential buyers can have a tour of the property. It’s known that if the owner is around, interested individuals will say nice things and then leave. When you are away, buyers can freely express their concerns while their agent can answer them in a professional manor.

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