how to be a good luk bandit

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path for the LUK Bandit

v 1.7 Meh decided to add some new stuff. I have also quit so i’m taking out
my email due to random people adding me

v 1.6 Added training areas with ludi components.

V 1.5 Reviewed 2nd job skills (max steal) and fixed some error with 3rd job

V 1.4 Reviewed 3rd Job guide.

v 1.3 Added 3rd Job guide (incompelte but started)

V 1.2 Added Training areas for lvl 50+. Realized some daggers need slightly
more dex than usual.

V 1.1 Added comparisons between LUK and STR bandit. LUK bandit and Sins. Luk
Bandit and Warriors/Archers. Added new stat builds for lvl 40+

V 1.0 Wrote up the Basic Guide for the Bandit

This guide for is just to show you how to make a proper bandit. It is how I
feel the LUK bandit whould be made.

– – – – – – – –


LUK and STR Bandits: LUK bandits do more max damage than STR bandits but STR
bandits do more min damage than LUK bandits.

LUK Bandits and Sins: Luk bandits do more stable damage and their damage
range in the end is less than sins. sins mostly rely on critical strike
which doesn’t always hit. however if they do then sins do more damage and
they are ranged. Sins are weak close ranged

LUK bandits and warriors: LUK bandits and warriors are very similar. not
much damage in the end in terms of damage and range.

LUK bandits and archers: Archers are ranged but are weak closed ranged.
bandits are strong close ranged but can’t hit ranged.

– – – – – – – –

The Beginning.

The thing about this game is that every single stat point is required. When
you are making your characters, roll the dice till these stats come out.

Str: 4/5
Dex: anything
Int: 4/5
Luk: anything.

I recommend you get the 4/4 build but if you can’t be bothered go for a 4/5
or 5/4. nothing else.

After that you should be ready to go. When you first land on Maple Island.
Don’t bother doing the first quests since they are pretty useless. It is
much faster to simply go to the end and killing a few green snails. Once you
have leveled you will get 5 stat points. With these stat points place them
into DEX until it is 25. Then place the rest into LUK.

Once you get to lvl 10 go to Victoria island. [This will require 150 mesos]

– – – – – – – –

The 1st Job Advance

When you are at Victoria Island. go straight down till you get to the
travelling guy. go straight to Kerning city. As a beginner you are given a
90% discount so you only pay like 100 mesos or something.

When you are at kerning go straight to the Jazz bar and press up at the
door. Then you’ll be in a room with a vampire living in a toilet. Talk to
the vampire and get your job advance.

This is your skills build until level 30.

lvl 10: +1 Double Stab
LVL 11: +3 Double Stab
LVL 12: +3 Double Stab
LVL 13: +3 Double Stab

This is because once you advance your double stab from 10 to 11 your mp
usage will double. and trust me. mp is very very VERY important (unless
you’re rich).

LVL 15: Save SP
LVL 16: +9 Double Stab (because who cares aobut one more lvl)
LVL 17: +1 Double Stab (MAX) +2 Nimble Body
LVL 18: +3 Nimble Body
LVL 19: +3 Nimble Body
LVL 20: +3 Nimble Body
LVL 21: +3 Nimble Body
LVL 22: +3 Nimble Body
LVL 23: +3 Nimble Body (MAX)
LVL 24: +3 Disorder
LVL 25: +3 Dark Sight
LVL 26: +3 Dark Sight
LVL 27: +3 Dark Sight
LVL 28: +3 Dark Sight
LVL 29: +3 Dark Sight
LVL 30: +3 Dark Sight

Your stat build should be as follows.

Dex = 2xLVL (note: at this point you may lack 1 dex point every now and then
for a new weapon, when this happens just buy a piece of gear that adds +1
LUK = Rest of you SP points.

Training areas for lvl 10 – 30

LVL 10-18 The Tree that Grew I
LVL 18-21 Pigs Beach
LVL 21-25 Pigs Beach. Party Quest. Green Mushrooms
LVL 25-30 Horny Mushrooms. Green mushrooms. Party Quest.

– – – – – – – –

The 2nd Job Advance

Now you are level 30 and of course here comes the job advance. To do this
simply go back to the vampire in the toilet and talk to him. He will give
you a letter. Then go 2 maps right of kerning and go to the top of the
constuction site. There you will find the 2nd job advance guy. Talk to him
and you’ll be transported to a place with cold eyes and blue mushrooms.
These act like they’ve just been shocked or something and have higher
damage/def. Once you get 30 dark marbles (which these fellas drop). Go back
up and talk to him again. He’ll give you the proof of a hero and then go
back to the vampire and advance.

From lvl 30 onwards these should be your skill placements

LVL 30: +1 Dagger Mastery
LVL 31: +3 Dagger Mastery
LVL 32: +3 Dagger Mastery
LVL 33: +3 Dagger Mastery
LVL 34: +3 Dagger Mastery
LVL 35: +3 Dagger Mastery
LVL 36: +3 Dagger Mastery (finish at lvl 19 since if you advance to lvl 20
you’ll only get 1 more accuracy)
LVL 37: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 38: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 39: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 40: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 41: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 42: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 43: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 44: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 45: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 46: +3 Savage Blow
LVL 47: +3 Dagger Booster
LVL 48: +3 Dagger Booster
LVL 49: +3 Haste
LVL 50: +3 Haste
LVL 51: +3 Haste
LVL 52: +3 Haste
LVL 53: +3 Haste
LVL 54: +3 Haste
LVL 55: +2 Haste (MAX), +1 Dagger Booster
LVL 56: +3 Dagger Booster
LVL 57: +3 Dagger Booster
LVL 58: +3 Dagger Booster
LVL 59: +3 Dagger Booster
LVL 60: +1 Dagger Booster (MAX) +2 Dark Sight (MAX)
Dark sight is very useful for getting anywhere far away fast since it may be
combined with maxed haste so you can walk past monsters.
LVL 61: +3 Endure
LVL 62: +1 Endure +2 Steal
LVL 63: +3 Steal
LVL 64: +3 Steal
LVL 65: +3 Steal
LVL 66: +3 Steal
LVL 67: +3 Steal
LVL 68: +3 Steal(MAX) steal is useful since the bug of steal has been fixed.
It can now steal ITEMS and can also steal and item and see the same item
drop when the monster dies.
LVL 69: +3 Endure
LVL 70: +3 Endure

Stat build is the same as usual. Until lvl 40. From then on add +1 Dex and
+4 luk per lvl. this is because lvl 50 armour would only require 90 dex
except for your lvl*2.

Training Areas.

LVL 31-33 Horny Mushrooms. Blue Mushrooms. Zombie Mushrooms
LVL 33-35 Wild Boars. Horny Mushrooms. Zombie Mushrooms
LVL 35-39 Evil Eyes. Fire Boars. Wild boars.
LVL 39-42 Jr Grupin/Cellion/Lioner. Fire Boars. Dark Leattys (anything with
1100 hp or less EXCEPT for big sentinals)
LVL 43-44 Fire Boars. Jr Grupin/Cellion/Lioner. (This is because now your
savy can hit 6 times you should be able to 1 hit KO any Fire boars.)
LVL 45 Jr Grupin/Lioner/Cellion. Fire Boars
LVL 46+ No idea. havn’t gotten to this stage yet. Just train on whatever you
can 1 or 2hit kill.
LVL 47-50 Curse eyes/Wraiths/Lupins/Zombie Lupins. (Lupins and Zombies
Lupins are only reocmmended if you are ultra rich with a godly fan)
LVL 50-53 Best training place is Monkey Forest I, just outside the inner
LVL 53-55 Zombie Lupins INSIDE the tree. If you can OHKO them then go there,
don’t be afraid to use up hundreds of warrior pots if you
want to level.
LVL 55-60 Drakes, Jr yetis. Zombie Lupins get boring at about now so move
onto something else, if you feel you’re not lvling fast enough
then just go back to them. Dark Stone golems
LVL 60-70 Dark Stone Golems, DMT, Jr Yeti, Zombies (if you can 2 hit them),
Hot Sands (if you can ohko everything)
LVL 67-70 Sanc 2 if you want, Zombies, Dark stone golems

FOr armour just get anything that adds to LUK.

– – – – – – – –


YAY, Now the 3rd job is out i can finally update my guide!!

Now for the 3rd job advance make sure you have got one refined dark crystal
(not black crystal) in ur inventory and talk to alcaster and buy a few all
cure potions. Then go to speak to the person with the scar on his face in
the 3rd job place. He will tell you to go to Victoria and talk to the Dark
Lord. When you get there, the dark lord will tell you to kill his evil
counterpart and claim the black seal. To do this go to the monkey swamp two
(check hidden-street for whereabouts) and enter the Door of Dimension. Walk
to the end and on the second map is the Dark Lord’s evil counterpart. This
person does about 200-300 touch damage, throws steelys and uses avenger
which does 1k damage. He ALSO summons Tauromacises and Curses you often
(this is where your all cure potions come in handy). Once he is dead pick up
the black seal and talk to the sparkling crystal where you will be
teleported back to Kerning and talk to the Dark Lord, who will give you the
tailsman of strength.
Once you have gotten this go back to El Nath and talk to your 3rd job
instructor again and she will tell you to go to the rock (forgot it’s name)
in the screcret portal which is on the top right corner of Sharp Cliff II.
Once you get down there Talk to the rock and give up you’re Dark Crystal to
answer some questions. Make sure hidden street is running at this time
because you MAY have to check up on some of the answers and if you get one
wrong then you’ll have to get a NEW dark crystal and go back there.
After you’ve answered all the questions you would’ve gotten the talisman of
wisdom. go back to your job instructor and get ur 3rd job!!!



– – – – – – – –

Skill Placements (Train on Vikings by LVL 86):
LVL 70: +1 Assaulter
LVL 71: +2 Thieves +1 Meso Explosion
LVL 72: +3 Thieves
LVL 73: +3 Thieves
LVL 74: +2 Chakra +1 Thieves
LVL 75: +1 Chakra +2 Meso Guard
LVL 76: +3 Meso Guard
LVL 77: +3 Thieves
LVL 78: +3 Thieves
LVL 79: +3 Thieves (LVL 18 Thieves)
LVL 80: +3 Assaulter
LVL 81: +3 Assaulter
LVL 82: +3 Assaulter
LVL 83: +3 Assaulter
LVL 84: +3 Assaulter
LVL 85: +3 Assaulter
LVL 86: +1 Assaulter +2 Meso Explosion (LVL 20 Assaulter)
LVL 87: +1 Pickpocket SAVE 2 SP
LVL 88: +5 Assaulter
LVL 89: +3 Assaulter
LVL 91: +4 Thieves
LVL 92: +3 Thieves
LVL 93: +3 Assaulter
LVL 94: +2 Thieves(MAX THIEVES)

From here on out you may now train at gobies, bikings, whatever you choose
to. If you choose to max out mesos explosion and have the mesos to spare
then you may also Zakum.

Pros: Steady build. Saves up mesos.
Cons: Slow training. May take a while to get to LVL 86

Training Areas:
70-79: MIXED STONE GOLEMS WITH LEVEL 18 THIEVES. Zombies, Buffies, Big
kitties, Lusters. etc
79-86: MORE MIXED STONE GOLEMS, ynp, Big yetis, ww/lycans for drops.
86+ : Vikings

– – – – – – – –

Skill Placements (Train on gobies at lvl 81):

LVL 70: +1 Chakra
LVL 71: +2 Chakra +1 Meso Guard
LVL 72: +3 Thieves
LVL 73: +3 Thieves
LVL 74: +3 Thieves
LVL 75: +3 Thieves
LVL 76: +3 Thieves
LVL 77: +3 Thieves
LVL 78: +3 Thieves
LVL 79: +3 Thieves
LVL 80: +3 Thieves
LVL 81: +3 Thieves

Basically you can now hit 6 enemies at once so since gobies spawn in packs
of 6 you can just get a goby house and kick ass from there. The only
downside to this is that Gobies do a lot of touch damage so unless you can
afford it then this build isn’t really suggested.

Pros: VERY good exp at gobies (1.5k+ with a party per goby)
Cons: VERY costly Must be a rich bandit to do this.

Training Areas:
70-79: MIXED STONE GOLEMS WITH LEVEL 18 THIEVES. Zombies, Buffies, Big
kitties, Lusters. etc
80+: Gobies because at lvl 25 thieves you can hit 6 enemies.
Assuming you decide to go for assaulter after this then you can eventually
move onto vikings.
If you decide to move onto meso explosion then you can go kill zakum.

– – – – – – – –

Skill Placements (Let’s kill Zakum at lvl 82 … With 10 million mesos):

LVL 70: +1 Assaulter
LVL 71: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 72: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 73: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 74: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 75: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 76: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 77: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 78: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 79: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 80: +3 Meso Explosion
LVL 81: +3 Chakra
LVL 82: +3 Meso Guard

Basically you get maxed meso explosion. Get a giant party of priests/dks.
Get 10 million mesos and drop them in 10k bags. Then you cast your meso
explosion repeatetly (sp).

Pros: GOD drops. GOD-ish exp
Cons: 10 million mesos + pot costs + the fact that you will have NO useful
skills so you can kill NOTHING but zakum.

Training Areas:
70-81: MIXED STONE GOLEMS WITH LEVEL 18 THIEVES. Zombies, Buffies, Big
kitties, Lusters. etc
82+: Zakum. you have no other choice until you get some more sp to use on


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