iMEGA and the UIGEA-the tussle

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iMEGA and the UIGEAtussle has aroused the interest of many poker lovers who are waiting anxiously for the decisions by the court. In the ongoing lawsuit in US District Court for District of New Jersey, iMEGA has pointed out that the chilling effect of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 has restricted all its digital rights, by impeding the content-neutral financial system and stifling innovation on the internet.


The regulations of UIGEA put a curb on the Internet freedom of iMEGA by forcing them to define all legal and illegal purposes behind all web-based financial transactions to neutral third parties. The actual purpose of the system is to identify legal transactions between people who enjoy interactive gaming. However, the regulations tend to condemn the system to the extent of eliminations owing to payment system providers’ risk of criminal penalties. iMEGA stresses that the regulations proposed under the UIGEA have no standards for allowing companies and individuals to navigate the inconsistent laws safely. iMEGA also expresses its confidence that the court would help protect their fundamental rights and allow them to use the Internet, which is the rapidly growing medium of most interactive games. The decision is to be made by a panel of 3 judges.


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