Transformers 2: Hollywood Movie Box Office Records

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Transformers 2 movie is making and breaking records at the box office. The Revenge of the Fallen Hollywood movie is surprisingly well received by the audience even though there are too many critics giving negative reviews.

The Movie Review is Not So Good

The Transformers 2 movie was released on June 24 2009 in worldwide theaters. It is a sequel for the film Transformers. Many critics gave the film a lot of negative reviews. On rotten tomatoes transformers 2 scored only 19%. This is way worse than any other Hollywood movie. There are only few movies to rank so worse. But yet its box office collection is pretty awesome.

The transformers 2 movie despite its negative reviews and despite being noted to be not so good as the first movie, has broken old records in the money collections. It also has set new records of all time.

But Transformers 2 is Making and Breaking Box Office Records

This Hollywood movie released on Wednesday created a new Wednesday midnight record of making $16 million. It has also made the highest Wednesday opening record of all time with $62 million on its opening day. This is only just behind the all time hit The Dark Night which holds its record of biggest ever opening day.

The film grossed $200 million in just five days and made a record of being second only to The Dark Night which made about $204 million in same first five days. The Transformers movie made about $400 million worldwide by July 2. It then went to score $670 millions so far as on July 13 2009.

What Could be the Reason Behind its Box Office Success?

Many audiences and critics are unable to understand how this could score so well and beat the best of the movies like the Indiana Jones 4 and Night at the Museum 2, which have a very good story line. Some say it is because the hottest actors like Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox. But there were other good ones in the past that went flop outright.

My guess is that the movie was released just at the right time in the financial stability time. The financial markets across the world have given a rally for the last five months and shown considerable stability after a long streak of losing everyday. The multinational companies, which have massive cut-off employment during the months of January to March, were surprised by the sudden economic rebound and new profits in their balance sheets. There is almost no fresh news of massive layoffs these days.

Because there is less to worry about economically these days, there is quite a chance that people suddenly increase their expenditure. This must have made the movie hit. But also it is a unique one compared to all other movies. That also adds to the reason.

Transformers 2 Finally Made it Big!

Nevertheless the transformers 2 movie has made new records of grossing highest in the first weekend in 2009 as well the first movie to make this much in this year. It had also beaten the record of the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix movie’s weekend record!

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