Sakshi Telugu News Paper Daily for Telugu Audience

Sakshi news paper is a telugu daily published in Andhra Pradesh as well as its surrounding states. It is a widely popular news paper that is the rare of its kind. It is still the most successful and popular telugu news paper since its first day of publication.

Sakshi News Paper Started with a Bang!

Sakshi is the finest example of a news paper business that is not the rags-to-riches type but the pre-planned and well-executed type of startup business. The paper is started by Jagan Mohan who is the son of the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Unlike Eenadu, which has a great record of starting from a single page to become so big as it stands today, Saakshi was just launched much like a big corporation that goes public on a stock exchange.

Today Sakshi is a Widely Popular Telugu News Paper

The Sakshi telugh news paper is well received by telugu audience from day 1 and it has been continuing to do so. Its subscription base is also wide across in Andhra Pradesh as well as surrounding states like Karnataka, Maharashtra etc. Sakshi came about in the last one and half year.

Behind Sakshi’s Success

Partly this success can be attributed to two things. One is that there was a monopoly by the most popular telugu news paper Eenadu at that time. People are ready to welcome another news source but a big one to compare with Eenadu. Another reason was that the editor of Sakshi paper was the son of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Being the son of a ruling party minister he had lot of flexibilities and options to launch his new paper in a grand manner.

Some Political Bias in Sakshi Much Like Eenadu News Paper

Sakshi is now successful news paper in and around Andhra Pradesh. Nevertheless Sakshi holds some drawbacks. While Eenadu writes good reviews for whatever former CM and opposition leader Chandra Babu Naidu does, Sakshi does the same for the ruling party leader Y.S. Rajashekhar Reddy. At the same time, Eenadu does bad reviews for RajaShekhar Reddy’s activities daily. But Sakshi, though points out bad things about Chandra Babu Naidu, still writes his voice openly.

Some Openness in Sakshi

It irritates any audience in general when reading newspapers which appear to follow some political parties. But the openness in Sakshi paper which is not seen so much in Eenadu is what makes this Sakshi news paper thrive today and grow its subscriptions.

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