Why Are Fruits Sweet And Sour?

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In fact, the taste of any fruit depends on the compounds present in it. In general a fruit present in it. In general a fruit contains fructose, certain acids, vitamins, starch, proteins and cellulose. All these materials are in a mixed taste inside the fruit. They are found in different proportions in different fruits.

Fruits having more of fructose content taste sweeter, while those having more acids taste sour. The orange is a fruit which has almost equal quantities of fructose and acids. Hence it tastes both sweet and sour.

In general raw fruits contain more acids but on ripening, the quantity of acid in them decreases and the amount of sugar increases. That is why raw mangoes are sour, but ripe ones are sweet.

Raw bananas contain more of starch, but it gets converted into fructose when the fruit ripens. During the process of ripening, chemical changes take place inside the fruit by which the quantity of sugar increases thus adding to the sweetness of the fruit.

We notice a difference of taste even in two fruits of the same kind. Two apples or two mangoes do not always taste alike. This is so because there are many varieties of the same fruit and also the variations in the quality of soil, climate, growing technique, manure, water etc. change the proportion of compounds in the fruit resulting in the difference of taste.

Sour fruits like lemons, do not taste sweet even after they are ripe, because of the presence of excessive amounts of acids.

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