Earth Friendly Chlorine Free Diapers

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lens2063924_1215456465g_diapers.jpgNo more is there only the choice of cloth or disposable diapers. Who would have thought that years ago, there would be biodegradable, earth friendly diapers? What a mouthful! Even though my boys are out of diapers, I was intrigued by these new diapers, so off I went researching and found out some interesting facts about these new types of diapers, boy how things change!

Would you be surprised to know that 50 million disposable diapers enter the landfill every day, where they sit for up to 500 years!! You’d be amazed how much baby poop from disposable diapers ends up in the landfill where the potential health risk and ground water contamination from viruses and bacteria in feces are real threats.

Flushable Diapers inserts break down and sends everything to the wastewater treatment facility where it can be treated safely with the rest of our human waste and where valuable nutrients can be recovered.

Because Earth Friendly Diapers are flushable, they don’t have to end up in a landfill. They go down the toilet. That means no over-flowing garbage cans and no smelly diaper pail full of poopy diapers in your baby’s room.

If flushing is not your thing, you can do home composting, which many people are finding a great way of recycling their garden and green waste at home, you can add the urine soiled (the wet ones) flushables into the mix. In 50-150 days they’ll completely decompose becoming a welcome addition to your garden. Now that’s a sustainable diaper system. NOTE: NEVER COMPOST THE POOPY ONES! THEY MUST BE FLUSHED!

Diaper Rash is mainly caused by skin wetness and allergic reactions. Urinary wetness raises the skin pH and make the skin sensitive to additives. This intensifies with stool enzymes and other irritants that inflame the skin. By using Earth Friendly or Chlorine Free Diapers this lessens the irritants on your babies skin to reduce Diaper Rash.

Diapers that are plastic free are breathable and reduce wetness. Plastic holds in the wetness. Diapers that do not contain any chlorine, perfumes, inks or dyes will also reduce allergic reactions, which can be another cause of diaper rash.

There are many new “earth friendly diapers” that are out there on the market today.

Check out some great Earth Friendly Flushable Diapers here….Earth Friendly Flusable Diapers which has a wide selection of Earth Friendly Baby Products, including Diapers, Clothing, Toys and more. Better for your baby, better for the environment.


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