Simple home remedies to reduce menstrual cramps

Every month women have fears of menstrual cramps. They have the trauma of spasmodic pains in lower abdomen at the beginning of menstrual period. It is one of the most common problem faced by 70% women world over every month. Surveys show 90% of adolescent girls experience the pain of menstrual cramps. Earlier doctors used to dismiss this pain as psychological and prescribed painkillers or tranquilizers. But today gynecologists and researchers have come a long way in fully understanding menstrual cramps and the degree of pain women experience each month like me.

Mild menstrual cramps are generally of short duration and hardly noticeable but severe menstrual cramps are so painful that they interfere with woman’s regular activities. Menstrual cramps do tend to ease off within a day or two but who wants 48 hours of misery, if one can avoid.

Some of the following self-help remedies can help and provide great relief.

•           Take a hot bath. The hot water will relax the muscles of your uterus relieving you from cramps.

•           Put a hot pad on your stomach or on your mid lower back or put the hot water bag alternately on your belly and back.

•           Drink something hot. Drink some herbal or ginger tea, lie down, and be comfortable.

•           This tip is very important which most women do not follow, but at least should take care about the food they eat during menstruation. Before and during your periods avoid junk food, fast food and heavy food. Eat more of vegetables, fruits and juices and eat little at a time. Eat light and keep stomach light. Avoid sweet and salty foods.

•           Exercise reduces muscle tension. Little bit of walking will help reduce cramps and increase circulation in the pelvic area.

•           Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Apart from these

1.Take a good multivitamin and multimineral supplement. Make some changes in your nutrition.

Calcium helps muscle maintain normal tone.

Omega 3 fatty acids are antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) decreases menstrual pain by reducing vasospasm in uterine arteries.

Vitamin E reduces menstrual pain and cyclic breast pain.

2. Do some yoga.

Yoga brings balance in the body. Heavy and rigorous exercise should not be during menstruation and yoga is a slow movement and calm exercise and hence is the perfect exercise to be done during menstrual cycle. There are many recommended standing, forward bending and twisting exercises but the following are simple and enough to answer the task.

kapalbhati pranayama

anulom vilom pranayama





Inversion poses like sarvangasana and shirsana are not recommended during menstruation.

The details of above yogasanas and pranayamas can be found from a number of sites when searched in search engines. But please learn yoga under the expert guidance of a yoga teacher.

Final advice to women is take good rest and beware of food cravings. Take good care of your health. Women’s health is important for the well being of the family and society

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