Vintage Coca Cola Recycled Purses

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lens2400514_1233103202Coke_purse_1.jpgThere are some things that we look back at in our youth that brings the feeling of fun and nostalgia. Coca Cola is one of those childhood memories. Do you remember the song “I’d like to buy the world a Coke?” It makes me smile every time I hear it and brings back memories of where I was way back when.

Vintage products will be forever fashionable. The perfect products for the fashion forward, teens, tweens and anyone who has a passion. Many companies today, including Coca Cola, have designed a line of products to meet the demands of those fashion trendy individuals.

More importantly these companies are focusing on creating their products with recycled unused candy wrappers, food packages, plastic bottles and other materials rejected by the manufacturers that would otherwise end up in landfills. The process for manufacturing these products are also chemical free or chemical safe. Finding uses for waste-bound materials is a part of being earth friendly.

Apart from recycling, these companies, including Coca Cola are utilizing organic and earth-friendly fabrics in the manufacturing of it products, keeping in the trend of protecting our environment.

Purses that are made of unused defective soda labels, totes, and t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles are fashionable, trendy and earth friendly are manufactured using fair labor standards in countries such as Mexico, Peru and India and increases the quality of life in those countries.

By purchasing and frequenting companies, such as Coca Cola, that recycles and utilizes discarded materials in a productive way, we are helping our environment by eliminating waste in our landfills and putting less harmful chemicals into our earth.

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