Michael Jackson’s private videos hosted by the King of Pop Himself

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In his death, I suddenly felt curious of his identity, as the King Pop and as a person. In my quest to know him more, I realized how simple and child-like he was.

Watch these videos hosted by Michael Jackson. Thank you to the author these videos who took a time out and uploaded them all on youtube. You have touched one life and that’s me. I learned to appreciate how great a person Michael Jackson is.

When Michael was alive, I was never a big fan of his. I regret the idea not being one with the bandwagon, yelling and screaming to the beat of his music.

In his death I realized how great a person he is.  The last person I’ve witnessed the world celebrity the beauty of life was during the funeral the late Princess Diana.  Like Michael, she was a believer of life.  I spent two hours watching these videos and it was worth it.

I realized, if at a young age you were introduced to the chaotic world of showbiz, the true you will always long for those missed childhood years.  You will always have that hungry heart of a child, wanting to enjoy the simplicity of your being.  For Michael, the Neverland was his refuge, it was his comfort zone.  Children, laughter, family and friendship envelop this wide ranch.  I hope Michael’s family or the US government maintains the beauty of Neverland to pay tribute to the King of Pop.

To MJ, you will always be the legend, the King of Pop and THE Michael Jackson.

Watch These videos:

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Part 7


Part 8


Part 9


Part 10


Part 11



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