Add Color To Your Office For a Healthy Environment

Indoor Flowering Plants – Add Color to Your Office for a Healthy Workplace

Improve your office work environment with beautiful, healthy flowering plants to make your working life more fulfilling and enjoyable. Today, there are many reasons why you should have healthy, green plants and fresh flowering plants in the workplace. It is now known that many common plants may provide a weapon in fighting indoor air pollution. You may think that it is only a decoration, but it is now surprisingly useful in absorbing harmful gases and cleaning the air inside buildings.

There are many green and flowery plants that can be placed in the workplace. Tall trees like Bamboo Palm can give out a pleasant feel to the place. NASA research identifies the most effective pollution fighters too. Plants, such as, Gerbera Daisy and Chrysanthemum have a high potent in purifying interior air. Other good plants are Dracaena Massangeana (Corn Cane), Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily), and Golden Pothos.

Here is a list of reasons why you should add more color to your office environment:

1. People are physically and psychologically affected by plants and flowers and we spend a lot more time indoors than we used to, so an oxygen-rich air is better for us. People will work better and breathe better in their everyday working life.

2. Green plants regulate the humidity. In office spaces without greenery, the humidity it can be low. For us to feel good, 40-50% humidity is needed. Office plants will give out that and more.

3. Inside plants and water will, also, absorb large amounts of particles from the air. For many work places the inside air is very dense. This is because of dust and chemicals.

4. To remove particles from an office room, fresh green plants help with this and even if the flowers give it a beautiful refreshing odor, then it can work.

5. Having green plants and water in our proximity reduces complaints of headaches, difficulties in concentrating, allergies, tiredness, and even sore throats.

6. The color green can, also, affect us. Green symbolizes harmony and trust. We may feel safer in a “green” environment and people are happier with lots of greenery around them.

7. In offices with no windows, it can become obvious if there are no plants and flowers there and without them it will not feel like a safe environment.

8. Greenery has, also, got a calming effect in stressful situations. For example, when people work on a computer in a room with office plants compared with workers who do not have any, then the office with the plants will do far better in their tasks, computers give out chemicals. The plants will help to eliminate this.

9. Also, a green and healthy flowery office will project a well run and successful company by far. Employees will be healthier, happier and more willing to work harder and extra. This will give a company a great working environment too.

10. It will, also, brighten up a dreary office and make it more appealing for employees to want to go to work every day.

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