Decorate Your Home With Bamboo Plant

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Chamaedorea erumpens or Chamaedorea seifrizii is commonly known as the “Bamboo palm” or “Reed palm.” It is a plant that can be kept inside your home, as house plants. This plant is toxic free, which means it purifies the air in your home and can increase oxygen levels. You can buy a bamboo palm and keep it as a decoration inside your home.

Today this bamboo palm is grown in most nurseries and is very common in malls, offices, homes and courtyards. If you want to make your office or home look trendy, then buy one of these. They are beautiful plants to look at, as there are flowers that grow on them. They stand out in any home, especially in a large entrance hallway. These plants are mostly used indoors, as they like shade, but they still can have some high sunlight around them.

Bamboo palm will develop light green stalks from which fronds of feathery leaves protrude. This plant can grow up to seven feet tall if it is allowed to thrive. It eventually grows and resembles a thicket of bamboo. It is a plant that can be grown anywhere, even outside of the home like the garden area.

This plant is native to Central and Southern America. The bamboo palm evolved as a shrub in the rainforest. It, also, likes indirect light, and it needs soil which is moist, rich and loamy soil like the native soil from the rainforest.

These plants should be fertilized every summer. It is important to empty the drain pan under the pot after watering, or to water bamboo palms in the sink and allow them to drain completely. This will ensure that their roots are never exposed to standing water, as a bamboo palm does not like to sit in water for too long. It is, also, important not to over water these plants, because the tips of the leaves will start to turn yellow and the new leaves will grow looking very pale. Bamboo palms naturally shed their leaves, as they grow, developing leaves, which start to yellow and brown. Pruning dead bamboo palm leaves away is important, as it allows the plant more light.

They are, also, at risk of mites. This can be prevented by washing the plant with mildly soapy water once every few weeks.

Pet owners should know that the fruit of the bamboo palm, along with its leaves, is toxic to many animals. So, maybe it is best you do not have these plants in your home if you own a pet.

If you wish to buy one of these plants, then it is best to speak to one of the staff in the shop where you want to purchase it and ask their advice on how to look after the plant. Once you take it home, place it near some sunlight, but not too much of it. It is recommended by many stores that you place it in a large area with space, so that you can let the bamboo palm grow.


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