Using Medifast to Combat the Postprandial Dip

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At around 3pm Each day, something weird happens to all of us. We start to run out of energy, and we need a little boost of some sort to get us back on track.

This is known as by scientists as the postprandial drop, or the afternoon apathy syndrome.

What causes our afternoon decline? And what’s the best way to get beat it? Exercise physiologist Dr Adam Fraser says it’s all about how we’re programmed and Medifast substitutes are part of the solution.

Feeling tired is a really common problem at this time of day and it’s due to two main reasons.  The first reason, is our brain goes to function slower due to a reduction in our glucose amounts. The second reason is that we get a shift in our circadian rhythm.

Dr Fraser explains that “circadian rhythm” is another term for “body clock”, which helps controls our steam amounts.

At around three o’clock we have a dip in our circadian rhythm, our body temperature commences to drop and we naturally start to get drowsy, he says.  That’s one reason why many populations have a daily siesta around that time, although a lot of people do try and fight it.

Many of us turn to candied rubbish to overcome the reduction but Dr Fraser says that is the worst thing for us.

When we eat such junk we initially feel good as our glucose levels peak, but soon afterwards we have a sugar crash, he says.  

Some better options for an afternoon meal include beans, tuna, nuts, low-fat yoghurt, veggies and low-fat smoothies because these foods keep you feeling full for a lot longer. The Medifast diet plan offers all these foods using the various shakes and shakes.

Dr Fraser also says it’s essential that you eat a healthy breakfast and lunch to ensure our metabolism is working well and to give you a kick-start. Skipping meals can lead to large energy crashes . This is where Medifast comes into its own. Meals all available to go so there’s no reason you need to miss a mealtime again!


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