Wedding preparations: The paper goods

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Wedding preparations relating to the requirement of paper goods are concerned, it actually depend upon the category of people who celeberate a wedding. These people can be classified into three different categories:

1) High Profile

2) middle class or average

3)Low profile

Wedding preparations and the requirement of paper goods vary in these three categories, because the wedding budget differs and higly fluctuate in all these three categories.While in a high profile marriage like the son of a famous diamond jewellery merchant in Mumbai, he engaged the Mumbai Wankhade Cricket stadium as the venue for his son’s marriage for three days and the marriage was celeberated with all pomp and glory.It was one of the most extravagant marriages that was ever witnessed by Mumbai.The bridegroom, the son of the diamond merchant,landed in a helipad nearby the marriage premises by flying through a helicopter, on the date of marriage.

The marriage invitation was printed studded with diamond stones on the border(meant for Very important persons like diamond merchants and VVIPs) and each invitation was personally given to the invitee in a silver plate along with ten delicious sweets.You can very well imagine how costly that invitation would have been eventhough it was only a paper.Not to speak of other kinds of expenditure involved in the wedding feasts, wedding dresses for the bride and the bridegroom and decorations in the marriage venue through paper goods.

Similarly, yet another high profile marriage witnessed by Mumbai was that of Amitabh Bachchan Family, involving the marriage of Abhishek Bachchan and the beauty queen Iswarya Rai.The wedding took place in the house of Amitabh Bachchan and only VVIPs consisting of polywood luminaries and politicians were invited.The delicious feast consisting of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items was arranged by the five star chefs specially summoned for the occasion.The smell of the special menus both in the vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, tested the peoples nostrils for a few kilometers.

Downtrodden people hardly spend anything for paper goods except for the wedding invitation and the said wedding is rather a very simple affair taking place either in a small marriage hall or in a temple or sometimes in a registered office or sometimes even a police station.In most of the cases the paper goods do not play any role and in the case of simple weddings, only invitation is printed in a low quality paper generally in yellow color.

In the case of weddings of the high profile people, since the entry is restricted only to VIPs and taking into account the security aspects, a wedding invitation in invariably accompanied by entrance passes normally for two.Since the weddings or receptions of high profile people always takes place in star hotels, very little work is involved with regard to paper goods other than invitations.

In the case of weddings that takes place in the middle classes, the paper goods plays a vital role, beginning from the entrance where large paper boards and cut outs are exhibited advertising the marriage and mostly these paper boards are sponsored by friends, well wishers and relatives.

In side the marriage hall, color papers are used to decorate and beautify the marriage hall.The platform where the wedding takes place is specially entrusted to an interior designer and decorator and it is his responsibility to create a magnificent platform by using various color papers and flowers.

It is the dining hall of the wedding where major paper goods are being used. On the dining tables to have a hygeinic and a clean atmosphere, a low quality paper or plastic paper is spread. Apart from that paper cups are used to serve soups, ice-creams and a sweet liquid dish what we call payasam’.

After finishing your feast, when you leave the marriage hall, you are provided with a paper bag containing a coconut, sweets and savouries, as a token of expressing gratitude for your attendance in the marriage.

Therefore in the course of the wedding preparation, since the paper goods that have been described in the foregoing paragraphs are of different types, used in different manner, we have to necessarily purchase them in different places in the market.It goes without saying that you cannot have the marriage invitations and the plastic cups that are used inside the dining halls in the same place.


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