Should married women keep their last name or switch to their husband’s?

The question of keeping her last name or switch over to her husbands’ arises once a woman gets married.No doubt a woman is a separate legal entity and enjoys equal rights at par with men like the right to speech, right to live anywhere else in a country, to profess any religion, to choose an employment of her choice, to beget offspring according to her will and pleasure.

But once a woman gets married her social, economic and legal status changes automatically.Her social status gets enhanced significantly.She enters into a marital bond with her husband and her husbands’ home becomes her marital home. Though a married woman is not subservient to her spouse, she is expected to behave in a more responsible manner at her marital home by doing everything in consultation with her spouse and in laws.She goes in a family way in the marital home and her social and moral responsibilities shifts to a large extent from her parents’ house to her marital home. All these things actually shows that once a woman gets married she is invariably identified with her husband and her marital home. It also indicates that there is a tilt in balance of power in favour of the in laws house.

Considering and taking the above aspects into account, it is always better for the married women to switch over to the name of their husbands instead of keeping their last names.

The above proposal gains more weight when the married women happened to be the working or employed women or even the women employers or women entrepreneurs. In an office, when a woman gets married, she belongs to a separate category of married women.Though there are many specific insiginia to identify a married woman like marriage ring, mangal sutra, a ring that is worne around her second finger of her feet, a tilak on her forehead etc, still they do not openly proclaim whether she is married or divorced and who is her spouse etc.Suppose, if a married woman still keep her last name, nobody will come to know about her actual marital status, despite of having all the above mentioned insignia with her.On the other hand if the married woman switches over to the name of her husband, it proclaims to the entire office where she is working and to the whole world that she is married and she is the wife of so and so.

Besides identifying the marital status of women, switching over to the name of their husbands, also serves other purposes.It helps to prevent unnecessary office gossips about the married women.If the marital status of a woman is not known in an office, womanisers and mischief-mongers will get emboldened to tease the married women rather unnecessarily.Therefore, switching over to the name of their husbands in the case of the married women will actually ensure their general safety, besides avoiding unnecessary gossippings. Besides, switching over to the name of their husbands in the case of married women also adds an element of respectability, credibility and also shows the affinity that prevails between the married women and their husbands.

It also helps to avoid unnecessary controversies or prevents the third parties or co-workers from approaching them or inducing them towards any illegal or extra-marital relationship.It actually enforces a restrained behaviour from their co-workers, which is rather formal and friendly.

Therefore, it is always better for the married women to switch over to the names of their husbands,in the interests of their safety as well as in the general interest of the society as well.

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