Is communication easier with a mother or a father?

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Though father and mother are our parents, their role at home differs slightly. In the case of a father, his role in the family is largely confined to earning for the family, purchasing the requisites like groceries, vegetables etc and looking after what we call the external affairs of a family. Whereas, a mother cooks in the kitchen, nourishes her children including her husband and so looks after what we call the internal affairs of a family.

However, a mother by her long and continued presence and constant availability naturally has more affinity with her children.This affinity breeds more familiarity between a mother and her children.Therefore, the children if they need anything personally or even if they need any material help like money etc,they immediately contact only their mother. Only on her direction, the children then approach their father. Sometimes, as the children grow, they learn the clear-cut role played by their mother and father in a family.Hence, if they are hungry, they approach their mother demanding food and if they need money either for their pocket expenses or to pay their school fees, they approach their father only.

It is also quite natural that a father has more liking and love and affection towards his daughter and the mother has more affinity with her son. But a father as the head of the family, leads it and so he remains strict and disciplined and also expects the same kind of behaviour from other family members, his wife and children.Hence, his relationship with his children somewhat becomes formal and rigid.But, a mother’s relationship with her children is always informal and sometimes, she even acts as a via media between her husband and the children, because children may hesitate to speak with their father more freely for fear of rebuke or disapproval.

Even assuming that a father moves more freely with his daughter out of his love and affection, still there are certain limitations between them once she crosses a particular age. Especially, when a girl child attains puberty, thereafter father naturally gets himself distanced from his daughter.Though the father is still affectionate towards his daughter than his son, his behaviour with his grown up daughter somewhat gets restrained when his daughter has grown up.

But a mother who is naturally more affectionate towards her son continues to remain so for ever, whereas in the relationship between a father and his daughter, a natural curtain develops. Moreover, after attaining the stage of puberty, daughter is looking forward to her mother only to get her legitimate doubts pertaining to her physical ailments or problems cleared. Similarly, if either son or daughter falls in love, they naturally approach their mother only to reveal their personal love affir etc. Whereas, a father comes to know about such affirs only through his wife but not through his son or daughter, because they will allways hesitate to discuss such things with their father, again for fear of rebuke or disapproval or even expecting a violent reaction from him.

It is always the role of the mother to groom her daughter properly as she grows, by making her learn all about their family tradition, behaviour etc.If there is any deviation in the behaviour of a matured girl, naturally mother will be blamed.

Therefore, under the circumstances mentioned above, by virtue of children’s closer affinity and intimacy with their mother, communication is easier with her than their father.


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