How to disable cookies in Internet Explorer?

This article tells about cookies and how to disable these cookies in internet explorer.

Cookies are used to store user specific information in form of text strings. When a user visits particular website some user specific information gets stored and this information can be retrieved later when the same website gets visited from same machine and can be sent to server. Cookies are associated with websites instead of individual pages.

Web developers can use cookies to store user preference and renders the customized page on next visit according to user’s interest. Cookies can also be used for demographic statistics and can store info about what is in your basket for online shopping site. There are browser imposed limitations regarding size of cookies and number of cookies per website which can be stored.

 However user can disable and delete cookies at any time so developer has to take care of this issue. Cookies can be disabled for internet explorer in following way.

Open IE go to tools.

Click on Internet Options from list.

Internet Options dialogue box will appear.

Click on Privacy Tab.

Then click Advanced Button.

Advanced Privacy Settings dialogue box will appear.

Click on checkbox for Override automatic cookie handling.

There are two types of cookies. First Party cookies are cookies set by the website you are visiting and Third Party cookies refer to cookies that are set by a different site to the one you are visiting.

 There are 3 choices for each type of cookie:

Accept – Accepts any cookies.

Block – Blocks all cookies.

Prompt – Prompts before storing a cookie.

Session cookies are cookies that will exist for your session only on the website (some websites need these cookies enabled to function properly).

 Make appropriate choices according to your requirement and apply.

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