How to Keep Your Relationship Fresh

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  1. 236373914919f83a4a67_Thumb.jpg Enjoy a bubble bath together!

    Do something unexpected! For example, everyday that your significant other comes home, they take a shower, and you are usually cooking dinner. Why not spice it up a little? Order take out, or pick up food from Outback or Applebees, and have a bubble bath waiting for them when they come home. Then the two of you can enjoy it. Or surprise them with tickets to that movie they’ve been wanting to see!

  2. Give each other space. I know that this sounds like a mean thing to say, but really its not. Everybody gets tired after a while of being around their significant other, so take some time away. This can be as simple as having  “girls night” out,” or a day at the mall. Go get a manicure and a massage! By doing this, it not only let’s you both have your own time, but it strengthens your relationship because once you see them again–you may not realize–that you have missed them.

  3. couples-costume_Thumb.jpg

    Be silly with each other! My boyfriend and I have a couple of TV shows that we watch a lot! For example, “Two and a half men,” “Lost,” “South Park,” “Family Guy,” “American Dad.” And we are ALWAYS quoting stuff from those shows. It’s nice to do because we can laugh about it and in a way it’s like having your own “inside joke.”

  4. Take the time to talk to each other about serious issues. I hate arguing as much as the next person, and my boyfriend and I try to calmly explain things to each other if something is bugging us. And if we cannot calmly discuss it, than I just tell him that I love him and I will give him some space. I also let him know that if he wants to talk I will be in the living room.


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