How to increase your business exposure with Twitter

Twitter, one of todays social networking sites can be a good way of increasing your business exposure. To some, a communications facility that only allows you 140 characters to get the message across may seem limiting. However, the growing popularity of this medium means that it an be a useful avenue for business promotion.

The first thing you have to do of course is register with the site and create a username and profile.

This is the first part of increasing your business exposure. Make sure the username you choose has some reference to your business or the products you sell. If you sell 4x4s for instance it may be a good idea to choose something like 4x4mart as your username.

If your business has a website, which most do nowadays, it might be a good idea to create a news or blog section there. You can then write or buy copy and populate these sections. It is a good idea to make this content informative as opposed to just advertise products.. Once the copy is published, you can then post a thread on twitter, known as tweeting, referring to your own website copy. All you have to do is past the url to your copy into the ‘what are you doing’ box on your twitter home page. There is a good chance that those that follow your url so that they can read the information you have linked to will then explore your site and review your goods and services.

Because urls have a tendency to be fairly long and so take up a lot of the available characters, remember you only have 140 of them, using a url compacting service such as can be an efficient way of getting as much into your tweet as possible. You should not just put the url in your tweet however as this will mean nothing to the reader. You should also describe what the link is. Care should be taken here as twitter now has a content search facility so the wording of your description should be such that your tweet will be pulled up should someone search that subject.

Now that you are happy in posting tweets that provide information regarding your business, you need people to read them. Twitter allows people to follow writers of tweets and this is what you need if you want your information to be looked at. So, how do you get followers? The easiest way is to let people you know that you use twitter and give them your username. You can also put this information on your own website with a link to your profile and of course on any business collateral that your customers may see. You can also link to your twitter profile on any blogs or on line forums that you belong to.

Another way you will gain followers is simply by tweeting. Other users of twitter that read the general open forum will snag interesting tweets and then choose to follow the poster of that interesting tweet. This is another reason for making the text in your tweet interesting and eye catching.over time you will see your list of followers grow.

You should tweet regularly and make sure not all of your tweets are links to do with your business as this could be seen as spamming and people will start to ignore you which defeats the object of being there. You could tweet other things to do with your business or even just general information about your market segment. This will mean that you will become an ‘expert’ regarding the subjects you tweet and all your tweets will be read by those interested in your market segment and therefore information regarding your business will spread.

In the same way that tv advertisements only have 30 seconds or so to sell to you and get a message across to the viewer, the 140 character limit imposed by twitter means that what you tweet has to be seen to be of interest to those following your threads and be picked up and read in the general populace using twitter.

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