Going to see the King – Jesus Christ – King of Kings NOT Michael Jackson – King of Pop

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The original article that I wrote “Soon and Very Soon we are going to see the King – Jesus Christ – NOT Michael Jackson” was written because of the video I watched at Michael Jackson’s memorial. It was so sad to see people at Michael Jackson’s memorial crying, especially his daughter Paris. When I wrote that article I was referring to the response of when people clapped and cheered when the song ” Soon and very Soon We Are Going To See the King”. When the “King” was sung people clapped and cheered and I wondered if they knew that the song was about JESUS CHRIST and NOT Michael Jackson? Well, my original article generated a very negative response. The person who responded to me said something like.. I’m sure that Michael Jackson’s friends and family who are very spiritual knew what that song was all about. Then in his response he also added something like it was sad that I used religion in that way, or something to that nature. Well, I felt because so many people referred to Michael Jackson as the “King of Pop” that maybe they thought when the song was sung about a KING that the song was referring to Michael Jackson. Well, it wasn’t … It was about Jesus Christ.  Of course, Christians and I’m sure others who heard the song before knew it was about JESUS but for those that never heard the song before … well, they may have thought the King that was being sung about was Michael. I just thought I would clarify that. The person who responded negatively to my original article thought that I may be the only person who thought people might be confused about who the “king” was in the song. Well, I’m sure that many other people, especially true Christians wondered the same thing. 🙂

I would like to add again.. I am saddened by Michael Jackson’s death and I really do hope that the “King of Pop” is with the “KING OF KINGS” which is Jesus Christ.


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