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Twitter population has been growing tremendously at a very fast rate and this is why it has been the target media of advertisers to promote their products such as websites, goodies, services etc. These advertisers need our help to mass advertise their products by embeding their URLs to our status messages. When these links are clicked, we earn few cents in return. But what we want is to maximize our earning potential using Twitter, right? Here are some helpful ways to make money with our Twitter.


1. Set-up 10 Twitter accounts.

This is to increase the number of your audience who might click the URL inserted on your status message.

2. Get followers.

Of course, the ads will be useless if nobody would see it. It’s just like producing a movie but no ones gonna watch.

Tip: Be resourceful. Go to some sites that offers you to mass follow people, the chances are they are going to follow you back. Here are some sites.

VIPfollowersMorefollowersFollowersNow and Tweeteradder.

Another tip is to make your page girly and put a gorgeous profile pic. Guys are gonna be interested to check what’s behind the URL inserted in every status message you post.

3.Post REAL status message first.

Not all twitter users are ignorant, they can check if your status message are posted by you or just a robot posting ads. By keeping them interested by your tweets at first impression, they wanna keep updated and follow you forever. Remember not spam, we all know what happens to all spammers.


This is where you begin to monetize your Twitter. Check if at least one of your twitter accounts have more than 50 followers to start posting ads. Don’t worry, these ads are readily made. You can choose some affiliates listed below.

1. RevTwt,formerly know as TwtAd

Add all of your Twitter accounts at this site after sigining-up. Be careful not to include those accounts that has only less than 50 followers. That is because posting ads to your twitter account requires to have more than 50 followers. Go to post ads tab and select the ad you want to post. Post ads just 3 times a day to avoid spamming.

2. Tweetbucks

This is some sort of URL shortener. Let’s say you have a blog with a URL of and you used tweetbucks to shorten it. It’ll appear like This URL is embeded with an ad that comes along with you blog page. If your link goes somewhere else, the optional ad frame will make you money on every click. This is also availabe at RevTwt.

3. Twittad

It’s like selling your Twitter page to advertisers but not totally selling at all, they’re just going to sponsor you. A lower price per follower is attractive to advertisers. When your followers clicked the ad of your sponsor, it will generate some good cash.

4.Be A Magpie

Here, you can embed links to to be posted on your Twitter time-line and when followers click that link, you’ll get few cents back to your magpie account.


1. Avoid spamming.

We don’t want to be unfollowed by our twitter friends. We also don’t wanna get our accounts suspended by spamming these ads. Remember that your sending your tweets to ALL of your followers. Spamming ads is an abusive behavior so take it moderately.

2. Follow your followers.

Following your followers is the politest way in using Twitter. You can gain and retain your followers as long as you apply this rule.

3. Update your status.

Post a real status message once in a while. We don’t want others to identify us as “robots” or “ad spammer twitter user”. Try something else like posting a catchy status message to keep them interested as often. You can use search engines and look up for “funny status messages”. I use to promote my bukisa articles by posting something catchy like “PLS DO NOT READ THIS [the link goes here]”. Isn’t that good?

4. Delete users who unfollow.

Now you know what’s the point of the rule. We don’t need them, we need audience, we need listeners and the most important among of these, we need someone to click our ads posted on our timeline.

5. Be resourceful.

Promote your websites, blog, and articles using URL shortener. It’s not just attracting visitors to your site but you also make money by clicking the URL. Always keep in mind that every click counts.

6. Follow the newbies.

Newbies (new user) likes to have more friends and chances of following you back is 90%. Aside from that benefit, their timeline is not flooded and your ads and status messages are gonna last for quality time.

Everyone should make use of their accounts in proper and wise manner. Abusive behavior like spamming ads will just lead you to nothing. Take note that Twitter has been already polluted with spam messages and if you join the group of spammers, your account might be suspended. I’ll keep this article up to date for more sites that offer your twitter some good bucks to earn.


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