Adultery: Affairs are a forgivable sin!

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Adultery is an extra-marital relationship committed by a spouse with another spouse other than his or her spouse transgressing or overstepping the marital bond.

While adultery is a crime in the Indian Penal Code, it is not a crime in the western countries, especially in France or Germany, perhaps considering it or viewing it purely as a private affair between two individuals.

A Hindu marriage is very sacrosanct and infact solemnised between a bride and and a bridegroom and in the course of their marriage, both the bride and the bridegroom take a pledge before the solemn fire and in the presence of elders and relatives by chanting vedic hymns that they will maintain mutual fidelity.

Any violation of the solemn oath and promise made by them during their marriage and having an extra-marital relationship constitutes adultery.As far as India is concerned, adultery is illegal in the eyes of law.Both the Hindu Marriage Act as well as the Divorce Act has specifically stipulated adultery as a ground for seeking dissolution of the marriage between couples.In other words, we can say that law does not permit or forgive the commission of an adultery and it provides for and justify the dissolution of the marriage on the ground of adultery.To put it simply adultery has no legal sanction.

When we proceed to analyse whether adultery affairs are a forgivable sin or not, we have no other go but to answer only in the negative for the following reasons:-

1)Though circumstances or the behaviour of a spouse may be cited as reasons for the commission of an adultery, it is extra-marital and the person who commits adultery is infidel to his or her spouse by overlooking the solemn promise that he or she made during the marriage.

2)Some people justify adultery on the ground of lack of sexulal satisfaction between marital spouses. But it is illegal and if we justify adultery on any ground, then lust will predominate and there is no scope for genuine love and affection between spouses.

3)Adultery is sensuous and shortlived and it is committed wantonly and deliberately.

4)If a spouse is bent upon committing adultery with another spouse, it is always better to seek a divorce legally from his or her spouse.On the other hand living in adultery with another spouse results in collapse of two families.

5)The children of the spouse who is committing adultery are badly damaged in their character, leading to lack of concentration in their studies and in the end their future life gets spoiled.

6)The adultery affairs lead to ruin the social and economic life of the concerned families.

Therefore, adultery affairs are not forgivable sins for they have no legal sanction, they are deliberately committed crimes, simply sensuous and they ruin social and economic lives of two families besides spoiling the future life of their children.


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