Importance of Confidence in Life


 I am writing this article because I feel that Confident people enjoy change. They trust themselves. They are prepared to preserve when things are not right and experience of failure does not floor them.

For many of us initial self belief is not a problem but hanging to our confidence when things are difficult is a problem.

What we find hard is the resilience factor the ability to bounce back after setbacks and stressful events.

In modern workplace pressures come thick and fast as we battle to cope with escalating workloads, increased responsibility and even more uncertainty

Saying all that I would like to further say that confidence does not come in neat separate parcels, each exclusive to certain aspects of our lives.

Success or setbacks in one area may have a significant impact upon others. You may be comfortable and sure of your self in one situation but self conscious in another

The first assault on our self-belief comes from people – the bullies, critics, and straightforward cussed creatures who knowingly or unwittingly blight our daily lives.

 Next is the self inflicted damage. We chastise ourselves for our mistakes and exaggerate our fears and worries.

Third there are events that happen in our lives that impede our confidence

 And finally, there is lack of planning and direction.

Where are you heading?        

What is important in your Job?

Some people are prepared to tolerate very disagreeable conditions provided they are sufficiently well rewarded. For others. Creative challenge, social factors, respect within the community or the ability are more important.


List out the ten most important things you would like in your job. (Activity).

Example : Job security, responsibility, challenge, health, achievement, status, designation etc……. And arrange them in priority wise 1 to 10. 1= Most important and 10= least important.

 After making the list ask yourself

 Is there any mismatch between the preferences I have identified and the day to day realities of my working life?

If so, how might I seek to work or the way I do it to achieve greater harmony between preferences and workplace realities?

      You may already have number of started goals in relation to your new job, but how far were they determined by you, and do they reflect the full range of your aspirations ?

      Ask yourself what are your goals and what you want to achieve over the next few years

      Roughly jot down what you want to achieve in the next few years (no need to go into details)

      But these points should be remembered while jotting down the points

      Clarity, Realism, Economy, Activity and means.

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