Know the most common problems in the car

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As we know, car become one of the important part in our life to support many activities, but like the other vehicle or electronic goods, car also have some basic problems that sometime the user didn’t know the problem that used to get in the car. From what I learned, there are about seven problems that should be first attention and maintain regularly, for example:

The first common problem is plug; this part has become very important part in the car that you need to check regularly. Usually the old plug will not be working properly. One of the symptom is main engine didn’t work well again. This is caused by dirt in the plug so that short circuit occurs. You should check by turn on the engine and after a short while you can turn off the engine. Then, you pull the spark plugs one by one and hold it, if the plug still cold than it’s not working. The solution is by put in spark plugs to gasoline, after short while clear the spark plugs by crack protective layer in the middle. With this way, the plug can work well again.

The second is cable plug; actually it can cause the car will not running well. Usually this is caused by dirt on the terminal cable to the plug or because the cable that has broken. And this problem usually happens in the car that using the cable plug from the hemp rope.

Then distributor contact, it may cause some problems in vehicles, such as the engine suddenly turns off when you switched the front lamp, or light of the lamp will be dimmed. These problems can be caused by the gap that doesn’t fit the rules of distributor. Damage in the distributor contact can also be caused by the decreasing quality of the condenser, it can cause the surface perforated. If you already feel the symptoms, you should immediately bring the car to workshop.

The fourth is battery, if the engine difficult to start even motor starter can’t rotate well, this is caused by the rusty battery terminal, full of dirt, and the ties not tight. To solve the problem is by using hot water, pour on the clamps (fastener) made of metal. Try not to pour on cable made of hemp rope.

The fifth is voltage regulator; the function is to maintain electricity flow to the battery. If you have used it for a long time than the automatic work of voltage regulator will be decreased. The effect is by over charging or under charging, that can damaged battery. This problem can be solve by setting cam regulator position, turn on the machine and measure the battery terminal voltage, if the battery voltage shows 13.5 volt (for 12 volt battery) and ampere meter shows zero, the voltage regulator is working correctly.

Then fan belt, serves to connect the crankshaft and connecting the cooling fan generator (alternator) of power. If the fan belt is loose and not functioning properly then replaces it with a new one, or for temporary condition, fan belt tension can be tighter.

And the last one is pipe radiator, hot engine usually caused by leakage in the radiator or the radiator pipes. If the radiator pipes are old, then the quality will decrease instantly. The pipe will be soft and loose so that cracks occur mainly at the elbow. If you already have these symptoms, you should replace the pipe with a new one

So, from the most common problem in the car above, you should maintain the car routinely. If there are some minor problems in the car than you should check it soon and repair it before it’s too late.


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