The Visit of President Barrack Obama to Ghana:

It was an official trip of President Obama to Italy, Ghana and Russia even though Ghanaians and other Africans accepted it as homecoming visit rather than an official tour by a head of state. An unprecedented excitement in the city was observed where thousands of jubilant Ghanaians welcome Barrack and Michelle Obama waving US and Ghanaian flags to line the road from the air port into the center of the city (July 10,2009). Barrack Obama was originally an African, a child of a Kenyan Migrant and white American. And Michelle Obama was also originally an African. Jim Robinson, Michelle Obama’s great-great-grandfather, was born into slavery in about 1850 and lived as a slave in South Carolina till Civil War ended. Obama’s mission was to enhance the bonding between US and Ghana and also to see economic growth for Ghana as well.

US President was happy with the functioning of democracy in Ghana and the activity shown by the President John Atta Mills in reducing corruption in the country. President is dedicated to see the country’s economic growth because his trip is to articulate a vision for Africa.

President Obama during his Ghana tour has made a visit to Cape Coast Castle, a former slave trading site along with family. It was an emotional moment because the place is full of history that reminds the painful past and the turmoil and tyranny that the ancestors went though.

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