4 Ways to a Healthy Heart

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Do you want a healthy heart?

Bet you didn’t know you have something in your kitchen that may aid in the protection of your heart. Maybe you are clever and have found many. Celery seeds when steeped in hot water for about 15 minutes and drank a few times a day have been noted to lower blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. In turn, adding to better cardiovascular health all together.

What about those tomatoes!

Eating tomatoes or tomato based products can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease (also known as CDV disease) providing protection against LDL oxidation, which is one of the first progressions into developing atherosclerosis. One of the main components to this is the lycopene in the tomatoes.

Drink the tea skip, the wine.

Antioxidants found in green tea have been proven to be 100 times more effective at protecting your cells from the damage associated with cancer and heart disease. The Antioxidant

So be at peace with yourself in your own skin, eat lots of nice green tossed salads with vinegar, alvacado onions and of course tomatoes. Adding alvacados increases the nutrient absorbtion when combined with other foods giving whatever you eat an energy charge. Try the green tea and the celery seed tea and see if your blood pressure goes down as well as your cholesterol. It could take weeks to notice a differece when changing your diet or adding healthful heart healthy foods so be patient and dont give up.  And by all means if you smoke, it’s time to give it up. For the sake of your health…And the health of the people who are in direct contact with your smoke.


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