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Blogging in reality is a way to put in writing what happens to you daily. In fact, it is not meant to be popular, probably for friends viewing. But now things changed. Blog has been viewed as a business for quite some time. If before people blog to post their daily experience, now people create blogs to post advertisements rather than content.

Ask yourself, why do you blog? What’s your purpose? What makes you motivated to write everyday?

In everything you do, there should be a purpose. If you will start blogging, know your vision! Don’t blog for the purpose of creating a business. You know what? Every successful blogger in the internet world succeeded because of expertise, open mindedness,and love on what they are doing. Name some successful bloggers you know. Analyze their blogging story. The truth is, most people who are famous in the blogging industry started blogging without posting advertisements. I remember John Chow, the famous internet marketer blogger, started listing advertisements at the time he knew that he already has thousands of viewers everyday. I am not really sure if he planned all this before he started blogging.

The main point here is that you should have proper motivation for blogging. Don’t create blogs for the purpose of posting advertisements. In fact, even if you will post advertisements, you cannot be assured that a person will click on that. THe question is, do you really have viewers? Do you have an email list to send your blog post notification?

Remember this clearly, people view blogs to read article posts, not to look on advertisements. That is why they are called readers, they read! Makes sense, right?

So now, your bloggging experience will only have value if you truly post a worth reading article. If not, then stop blogging… Again, blogging will only makes sense for content rich blogs.

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