A marble-top table

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As the stack is on the side edges of the slates when I first up-edge them, I next bring them upon the end edges, while I put the band in place. It is now easy to place the stack of slates upon the sitter’s lap with the top slate down and to attract no notice to this fact. This is because the position has been changed a time or so in placing the band on; and I then take the stack in my hands by the edges of the slates, Certification forum and simply place what was the top side of the stack in the beginning, at the bottom. In due time I tell the subject to make an examination for a message, and of course four or five slates down he finds a message on the upper surface of one of the slates. This seems very miraculous, as the slates have been so repeatedly examined and nothing found. Finding the message on the upper surface of a middle slate, where but a moment before there was nothing, seems to be truly a marvel. sadikhov.com The subject having cleaned and stacked these slates himself, and having seen them examined so many times, naturally feels impressed that the message comes by some superhuman power. THE NAME OF THE DEAD In the book entitled Psychics: Facts and Theories, by Rev. Minot J. Savage, at page 15, the following account will be found: “Soon I began to hear raps, apparently on the floor, and then in different parts of the room. On this, the lady remarked, simply: ‘Evidently there is some one here who wishes to communicate with you. Let us go into the front parlor, where it will be quieter.’ This we did, the raps following us, or rather beginning again as soon as we sadikhov forum were seated. At her suggestion I then took pencil and paper (which I happened to have in my bag), and sat at one side of a marble-top table, while she sat at the other side in a rocker and some distance away. Then she said: ‘As one way of getting at the matter,


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