Winning Her Heart- Man’s Guide to Romance

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Winning Her Heart- Man’s Award-winning Guide to Romance

Okay people listen up. Your chance to impress the woman who just smote you silly will not take place if you fall in any one of the following categories:

  • You are not dressed to match.
  • Your clothes are twenty-years behind the style
  • You need three fillings on your front teeth
  • You break the three-second rule for staring
  • You spit when you talk
  • You have sweaty palm when you shake her hand
  • Your breath compares to an old cedar chest

Now that being said and you passed all the above, you still have a chance of screwing up if you do not adhere to the following sure-fire steps to winning her over.

Let us begin:

A woman loves to be noticed. That’s why her very presence hit you square between the eyes. Her striking appearance is no fluke so rule number one applies. Eye contact is necessary. Give her your best it’s a pleasure to meet you look and then you may look at her with appreciation, softly and kindly, not with laser- eyes likened to a heat-seeking missile. Her eyes and apparel will direct your course of gaze.

 Confused? Here is an example of what I mean:

 A woman spends an average of two hours to “Get Ready” She starts at the top, her hair, proceeds to doing the facial treatment, and then her eyes and lips. This is just the beginning. She will accessorize jewelry, shoes, and handbag or purse with the dress, gown, or pantsuit she is wearing. If she is wearing jeans, the accessories change. Never the less, you must realize that every woman experiences an event while dressing and her final product is a complete package of mood and presentation. Lastly, remember that she dresses for her own approval primarily.

A woman likes honest communication. Congratulations,you’ve made it to your first date. The atmosphere at the restaurant you both agreed upon is conducive for a great beginning. Rule number two applies. Do not over-sell yourself. She will see past your brilliance and perfection, if not immediately, later on in the date when you cannot recall a point in the fairytale you have been telling her.

Being honest is not only safe; it is the right thing to do for the both of you to make choices.

After honesty prevails, you still have her interest, and the dinner didn’t make anyone ill, the next level of the relationship begins.

Body language speaks volumes. Look into her eyes when you ask if she wants to take in a club for a few hours. If she squirms in her seat, laughs aloud, and replies, “Are you kidding me?” Then you’re toast. On the other hand, if she smiles, nods, and goes for her purse, you have connected.

Like most nightclubs, the noise will be so loud that you need to be expert in reading lips to converse. You, being the genius you are, readily understand that now you need to display two of your most charming techniques, whispering in her ear and showing your stuff on the dance floor. Okay, maybe one out of two ain’t bad.

The night got tired and so did your date. Be the gentleman and take her home. That’s right stupid, get her safely to her door. If she doesn’t invite you up, don’t whimper.

Now you are home alone. This next bit of genius will go far towards enriching your relationship.

Call her immediately, not at three in the morning. One small bit of advice; do not breath heavy when she answers the phone. Respect that she wants her beauty sleep. Tell her how much you enjoyed being with her. Carry on the conversation until you feel she is losing interest or snoring becomes apparent.

Thank her one last time for a wonderful evening and hang up.

Now pay attention. This will knock it out of the park.

Call her right back and tell her that you needed to hear her voice one more time before retiring.

That should do it for starters. Date number two, you are on your own. Good luck!


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