Starting your own mail order business

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There are thousands of small time mail order dealers who earn their living by running their own mail order business. What is meant by the term small time is that we are not talking about Sears, Fingerhut or any of the other huge companies out there. We are talking about your average Joe and Mary who every single day get excited when they open their mail box and find tons of orders for their products and services. Can you imagine that? Opening your mail and getting flooded with cash, checks and money orders.

What can I sell?

This is probably the best question that one can ask. I mean, if you have nothing to sell then how are you going to operate a mail order business or any business for that matter. Let me let you in on a little secret here that you might not know. There are many well known mail order dealers (dealers are active mail order dealers) who offer dealerships and camera ready circulars (flyers) to promote a certain product or service of theirs. When a deal is done between you two then you become one of his dealers and he/she is considered the prime source. When you make a sale of his product or service the orders will go straight to you (since your name and address are on the circulars and ads) and all you would have to do is send the prime source the customers order and he will fill customers order for you. With these dealerships you will keep a certain percentage of the sale depending on what the prime source offers.Most products or services will offer you 50%, some will offer 75% and others will pay you 100% of the sale!

So what are some of these things that you can sell? There are many different things that you can sell. You can sell reports, books, typesetting, advertising, printing, rubber stamps, mailing list, magazine trial subscriptions, address strips, print and mail services, money making opportunities and the list goes on and on. The best way you can find the sources to sell thir products is through the mail order trade publications and magazines.

A couple quick tips for you:

When conducting your mail order business and doing your mailings you will always want to get the most you can for the current First Class rate. What I mean by this is something that I have seen way to often. Do not ever do a mailing with only one of your circulars in it, this is a total waste! Instead your going to want to stuff your envelopes with 5 sheets of your offers which should have printing on both sides. This means that you get 10 of your offers in a envelope instead of just one. This greatly increases yor chances of getting more sales. It would make sense for you to become a dealer for many different products and services that way you will naturally have more products and services to offer your customers.

Also, when filling an order or acknowledging an order you received always include some more of your offers. These are back end sales and are a real key to your business. Getting customers is part of the mail order business but keeping your customers is even more important. A happy customer will re-order from you for years and years if you treat them good and are prompt with their orders.

To get established in the mail order business you will need to advertise in some of the mail order trade publications. This will get your name well known and will tell others that you are serious about your business. Advertising a small one inch or two inch ad in these publications is not expensive at all, it would cost you around $5 to $10. Even cheaper would be some of the well known adsheets out there that charge their advertisers a buck or two. Adshets are a great way for those on a real budget to advertise in.


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