Should a dying person choose his own funeral rituals?

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As long as a person is alive, he or she has certain inalieanable rights by virtue of his or her birth.Of them some rights like right to live, right to do any business or profession of his or her choice, right to profess any religion, right to speech and right to education etc, which are known as fundemental rights.

Though a person has a number of rights as mentioned above, some of them are codified and some of them are not codified.While the above mentioned fundamental rights are codified, a dying person’s right to choose his or her own funeral rituals may be categorised into uncodified rights.In other words, a dying person has got every right to choose his or her funeral rituals, whether he or she should be cremated or he or she should be buried etc.

If a dying person chooses his or her right to gets cremated, then it is also his or her privilege to decide how his or her remnants are to be disposed of. India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru wanted to be cremated and and a portion of his remnants to be dissolved in the river Ganges in Allahabad and the other remaining portion of his remnants were to be sprinkled all over India, his mother country.Of course, his wish was fulfilled.

Similarly a dying person may opt either to be cremated or buried according to his or her wishes.In case of cremation, the dying person may wish to dissolve his or her remnants in a sacred river,which he or she is familiar with.In case of burial of his or her body, the dying person may want to construct a memorium or a mausoleum in the place of his or her burial.Sometimes, the dying person might have already constructed a tomb or mausoleum for his wife or her husband and still may wish to have one more for him or her nearby the tomb of his or her spouse.Therefore, the dying person’s wish is pertaining to two bosom souls.

Even though a dying person has got every right to choose his or her own funeral rituals and he or she may even reveal it to his or her kith and kin, still it may be or may not be fulfilled.The real difficulty in implementing a dying person’s funeral rituals according to his or her wish is that it is not enforceable, because it is an uncodified wish or right of a dying person.Moreover the dying person’s wish may be difficult to implement because it may be a big project and economically not feasible.Again the dying person’s wish has no sanction nor any enforcing agency.Only in the case of rich persons, if they choose their own rituals, they are implemented either through an appointed agent or through his or her wards.

However if a dying person chooses his or her own funeral rituals and gets them done or fulfilled, the only way is to bestow all his or her love and affection upon his or her children when he or she is hale and healthy.


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