Level 1 Bounty Hunter Guide

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A level 1 bounty hunter.
Have you seen those lvl 1 guys with 500-1000 bounties?
Ever wonder how they do it? Think they are cheaters?
Well I’ll explain in this guide how to create a Level 1 Hunter
And stay at lvl 1 without lvling up, And having a Awesome income
To beast those guys who act badass you just can’t reach with
Your high lvl account, So lets start off with a few things

First, The way these level 1 Hunters stay at lvl is is quite simple
But yet everyone believes they are cheaters and hackers..
Granted, They are probably using some sort of bot, But to each there own
Well if you notice they don’t have ANY weapons.. Plus they have ZERO
Mobsters they fight with, Which means a few things.
1. Zero Weapons and Zero Mobsters = Zero Exp points when attacked
Plus Zero experience when you attack someone. Now remember, NO WEAPONS.
NO MOBSTERS.. This is CRUCIAL to stay at lvl 1.

2. You cannot do any missions, No matter how much you are tempted.
The whole point is to not get ANY exp points. Missions = BAD

Start a BRAND NEW account.. You ask why? Well a few things.
1. New Account = No Mobsters besides yourself. So you won’t have to
Delete anyone on your other account.

2. New Account = 10 Godfather points, Which you will need!
I’ll explain below, SO DON’T USE THEM!

Ok, So start the new account.. Whatever name you choose, Make it a Tycoon.
Since you WON’T be doing ANY MISSIONS anyway, And Money is the main focus..
So now you have everything set up, lets begin.. First use the 10 gf points
For the money 10,000k. Then go buy 2 vacant lots, so now you have $200 an hour
coming in.. This part takes the longest, You will let the account sit
for a day or so just gathering money. You can hunt when your health
heals itself, But don’t waste any of the cash yet. I know your saying
Well, Why don’t i just use the 10k for healing.. Go ahead and try that, See
How long that lasts you, Then your screwed with no income at all!

In the mean time try to get some GF points if you want, To get some extra cash
Plus hunting level 1s you get 8k cash, Plus more if they are hunting
Like you are, And you will always beat a lvl 1 head to head
So try to stick with that first, So you don’t use a lot of health.
Now from here it’s pretty much all on you and your hunting skills.
I would recommend Operas Browser for hunting, But once again..
To each there own when you hunt, Everyone is different.
Now if you plan on using a bot, YBH, MU.. Do it at your own Risk!

And since the godfather now has a daily limit of hunting, be super careful
If your running a bot, Maybe only run it if you sitting right there.
So you can keep an eye on it, But TURN IT OFF before you leave
Or you might wake up to a banned account. Not good!


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