Top tips to make money as A Ghost Writer

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A Ghost Writer simply means a person who gets paid to write material (books, articles, reports etc.) but gives up all rights to another person.

They work behind the scenes, and often charge premium prices due to the fact that it’s custom work.

As a ghost writer, you can decide what types of projects you take on, including what topics you write about and what types of products you create. You can focus on articles or short reports, or take on larger projects such as eBooks and online courses.

One of the requirements to becoming a ghostwriter is the ability to write well. If you’re new to writing online, you may be faced with several obstacles in the beginning, because you may also lack any writing samples to share with potential customers.

Many writers who are starting out in the ghostwriting field will charge lower rates to attract new customers and gain experience.

How to find customers

In the beginning of your career, you might not find it very profitable to take on custom work. This is because if you’re just starting out, you won’t be established or able to charge premium prices.

When you’re first starting out, it might be tough to find initial work. If you’re a talented writer though, you’ll have no problem finding hungry clients over at or other writing forums like,  There are many other communities online with hungry marketers looking to outsource a variety of writing tasks. What you need to do is take the time to become part of such a community.

Tips on how to write

1. Make good time estimate:

The key to estimating your time properly is simply to pay attention. Even if that means getting a little timer that helps you keep track. For your first few projects, record the hours spent on the different phases (like research and writing).This will reveal where you spend the most time and also help you figure out an accurate estimate of your time.

2. Do your research well:

No matter how much you think you know the topic you are writing about, it is very advisable to do a thorough research, to be sure you are not missing any new information.

3. Write fast or type fast

It also helps a great deal if you can write or type fast. So don’t rule out typing software that can aid with this.

4. Editing and organizing

It is very important to organize all your content into sensible chapters and sections. Check for proper spelling and grammar. Make use of a spell-check software

5. Best to specialize:

You can be established as an expert in your field, if you can specialize in a niche or topic of interest (for example parenting or lifestyle)

6. Finally —–START NOW!

The earlier you start the better. The longer you wait, the longer the money that could be yours is moving to the hands of others.

All the best!


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