Tips for Women on a First Date

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I have heard many girls say “I do not know what happened? we went out, we had a dinner, he  seemed very  interested, I  had a good time too… he said that it would give me a call ,but I didn’t hear from him…”

The first date can begin like an exciting idea, especially if the guy that you will be going out with seems attractive to you, but is necessary to be careful.

Often we do things without taking into account that it can end up transforming a first date into a true disaster. Here are some tips to make the first day a perfect one and not only that but to also get many more.

1. – prepare in time what you are going to wear. You are not to look overdressed or underdressed, the point is to wear something that goes with the occasion and something you are comfortable in.

2. – It is not a good idea to go to the cinema on the first date. If what you want is to know him better, it is better to meet over a coffee or a dinner where both of you can speak.

3. – don’t be too desperate. If you like he so much leave him to do the work, let him be the one that courts you, let him be the one that proposes that you meet again. By all means you can also stimulate this by flirting a little, it is a way of letting him know that on your part also there is interest.

4. – do not speak of your ex- .  Giving a list of your failed relationship will only make him think that what you need is a psychologist and not a boyfriend /fiancé.

5. – Speak little of yourself and rather listen to him. You already know yourself, don’t you? Then  think about questions that  will help you get to  know him  a little better; but of course ,should be questions  that are not too personal or that surrounds their passed relationships( there will be lots of time for that in later dates) , because that is the best form to drive away any guy.

6. – If there is an uncomfortable silence, which is normal in a first date, don’t be worried or nervous. Let it pass, often a flirty glance or smile can say more than a thousand words.

7. – There is nothing better than a conversation to add flavor to a date. Don’t get yourself nervous or worked up, say only what you know, don’t bring up arguments. Often time’s people try to invent stories and pretend to have ideas of things that they don’t know, and end up making a big ridicule of themselves.

8. – do not drink too much. The point of the first date is to really know if you click with this person.  Alcohol distorts your perceptions, and perhaps tomorrow you would wake up with sober reflections and a disagreeable surprise.

9. – do not speak on the telephone ,  send text messages  or play with your mobile phone during the date, because it is possible to be interpreted as  a lack of interest. (Now if you are really sure you are not interested you can do that, that will make it easier, and he would get the message.)

10. – be yourself.  Trying to make an impression to impress the other, at the long run will create the opposite effect. Bring out the best in you; let him see you have confidence in yourself, which will make him call you back after the first date.

11. – All women have a sixth sense. It is important to use it. Be intuitive and do not follow rules, be spontaneous because that’s what makes more fun to be with.


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