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The iCarly.com’s website is the official site of this popular TV series created by Nickelodeon (also known as Nick). The website shows visitors first a panel which allows them to find what they are looking for easily. Blogs, news and announcements are some examples of the sections which users can access. Some of the announcements that can be seen regards to new seasons releases, new episodes, and other changes.

The complete list of sections which iCarly.com contains is the following:


This part of the site displays blog posts written by each of the characters of the series. For instance, there can appear a message from Carly which narrates one if her experiences making the online program which have converted her in a celebrity.


Here can be seen some photos of the characters of iCarly. The user can pass each photo by pressing the respective arrow to the left or to the right.


Here is where Nick announces some of the new features of the program. In addition, users can know about the new sections and changes of the website.


Here the visitor can watch videos which show some episodes and important moments of iCarly.com.


There the user has access to a variety of online games.


The actress which interprets the Carly character has presented some songs which the user can hear in this section.

Each section is adorned with details which recall the popular Nick’s TV Series.


As a personal point of view I can say that the website is especially made for fans. They can watch a lot of media taken from the program and even know when is going to start ever new season.


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