Money, Money, we need money

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Money matters.

No matter what the price of food we all still need to eat.

With the price of food on the rise, people are having to cut down on the luxury and non essential products and buying cheaper brands of the items they need. Supermarkets are helping by introducing more lines to their white label brands but even some of these aren’t as cheap as they could be. Some have even printed leaflets with ideas on how to use your leftover food to make other meals.

Here in the United Kingdom, consumers have lots of different choices when it come to where to shop for our food products, from small family run shops through to multi-national supermarket chains. There are many cheap/discount supermarket chains popping up and during this time these stores are starting to do well as more and more people realise that the cheaper European brands are just as good as the British ones and that if they want the top brands then it is possible to get them cheaper by shopping there. Take our Pound Shops for instance; you can buy items from Heinz in them for up to half the price of some of the large chain supermarkets.

Everyone is coping with the rising cost of food in different ways. Some people in the UK are coping by changing how and where they shop, some are going back to the waist nothing mentality of years gone by, while others are just carrying on doing what they always have and not letting the CRUNCH get them down. Some supermarkets are actually seeing there year on year sales going up even if only by a small amount, this could be in part to do with the white label own brands that they offer that in a lot of cases are as good as if not better than the top brands that are at times double the price. Some Supermarket chains are doing 50p or 1 deals on food items which in Morrison’s are known as Price Crunch offers.

Every day more jobs are lost and more and more people are struggling to pay bills and find the money for essential items like food but as food is something that we all need some of the safest jobs are those in the sales side of the industry as even some of the food production industry has been affected due in part to oil prices rising. Yet Morrison’s has managed to spend money on improving its fleet of trucks to make them more fuel efficient, hopefully this will mean savings for the shoppers in the near future.


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