What to write and how to do it

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The way in which I get stories onto the page.


So you want to write something but don’t know where to start.

Here goes

For factual subjects always choose a subject you know and are passionate about as you will find it easier to get into the flow.

Have you got ideas for stories floating around in your head?

Get them down on paper as soon as you can.

Here’s one of mine:

The adventures of the ESS Destiny and its crew and other ships of the ESA (Earth Space Agency)

By the year 2150 the earths countries had been at war for 10 years and the world was now a near desolate place. Large areas of the planet were devastated by nuclear weapons and thousands if not millions of people lost their lives. The countries leaders realize that if the war carries on there will be no one left to carry on the human race and so The International Peace Treaty to end all conflict and save the planet from destruction was written up and a meeting was called where they all signed it and agreed to set up the Earth Space Agency. Now those countries that once fought each other are now working together to explore the stars and trying to find life out there.

This is the story of the ESS Destiny its commanding officer Joe Eden and its crew on its mission to search the galaxy for life and maybe find a new planet to colonize.

I have a set of note books that are used for writing down my ideas.

Try to dedicate some of your free time to writing.

Make a point of taking an hour or so sitting with your ideas and another pad of paper.

Choose an idea then start working out who the characters are going to be.

I take a page per character and write a short profile at the top then some history after that.

A little piece about one of my characters:

Joseph Eden


muscular build

brown eyes

dark brown hair

Joseph Eden was a Captain in the USAF during World War 3.  Before the war he had been working for NASA as a shuttle pilot and had spent a fair amount of his career in space.

He had once had a family but his wife and children were killed in a bombing raid a week before the war ended.
Now he was newly promoted to Major and had been transferred into the newly established UESA (United Earth Space Agency) as a shuttle pilot for an experimental craft that was hoped would make travel to other galaxies possible, this craft is the ESS Destiny.

So have a go and see what you come up with I’m sure you’ll amaze yourself with what appears on the paper.

Have fun and good luck.


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