Combating writers block

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How I combat writer’s block.


When I’m sat down writing and I hit a dead stop and cannot think of things to write I move away from my computer or piece of paper and go and do something else instead. I find that this can stimulate the mind again and the moment I get an idea or the next part of the story that I am working on comes into my head I go back and start working on my writing again.

So next time your suffering from a case of writers block don’t just sit there trying to get the story flowing again, find something else to do, hover, iron those clothes that have been there days, go for a walk as the scenery my trigger your creative mind and the story or ideas may come flowing from the depths. When going for a walk or away for the day I always take a note book as I always seem to find the inspiration to write while I’m away from home.

If I can do it then so can you

Never give up on a story just because it seems to be going nowhere. Just leave it for a short time and do something else, you may find the story starts flowing again in your mind, so if it does go back to it and get it on paper or into your computer.

Good luck with your writing and keep it up.

Don’t let writers block get you down. Never let it win, you are stronger than it.


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