Do you think your gender has an influence in your lifestyle?

Definitely my gender has an influence in my lifestyle.Especially in India, culture plays a predominant role on ones’ life style unlike in western countries.

Being a male I enjoy a better lifestyle than a female, because the gender bias that prevails in the society favours me and provides a free and better lifestyle than a female.

It all started when I was born as the only male child to my parents as the fourth child and all my three sisters were elders.I was given the most favoured child’ treatment by my parents.

I could still recall even the slightest uneasyness or the illness, perhaps even a mild fever, that I suffered from, received the immediate attention and I was given a costly medical treatment from a nearby hospital that was situated in a town, whereas my sisters even if they suffer from any serious illness or injury were given treatment through a country doctor who was often threatening the villagers with his crude methods of treatment and the herbal juices that he gave.I still vividly remember and recall.I was 12 years of age then.While I was playing with my next elder sister, we both fell on a cement floor, resulting in grievous injuries to both of us.The village country doctor gave us some first aid treatment.Thereafter, I was given costly treatment from an Ortho doctor, in a nearby town,whereas my sister was not given such medical attention.

Similarly my sisters were provided with only traditional attires without any scope for modern dresses and the reason my parents gave to justify their discrimination was that it was only a village and they were all family girls. Whereas, I enjoyed the status of Maharaja’ and I could get all the latest fashionable and costly dresses available in the market.

Similarly I had the privilege of having and enjoying pocket money from my parents from my school days.My sisters were never given any pocket money and they were never independent and always at the mercy of my parents.

Again from my high school days, I could see all the latest movies released in the nearby town theatre and even in a nearby city theatre, if I was willing, whereas my sisters could go to witness a movie once in a blue moon only in the company of their mother.But my elder sisters never complained against me nor they were zealous of me.To such an extent they were affectionate to me.

Similarly, all my elder sisters had their preliminary education only at the village school upto eighth standard, whereas I was admitted in a convent in the nearby town from my kinder garden stage.After finishing my school, I pursued my college education.I did a professional course.Now I am a doctor.But still I can passionately recall that all my elder sisters bestowed all their love and affection on me and they never hated me just because I was given a preferential treatment by my parents.I too loved them very much.

It was unfortunate to note that when I finished my medical education and I became a doctor, my parentts met with a road accident and died.It was even more tragic that all my sisters were unmarried then and literally felt like orphans since they had no takers or supporters.

But I never allowed them to lose hope.I knew pretty well for all these years they had been neglected and meted out only with a biased treatment.They never enjoyed a better lifestyle.

I had taken a vow that I should as their only younger brother treat them with due respect and I should not get married until all my elder sisters get married and well settled in life.For the past five years, besides working in a Government Hospital, I have been running a private clinic and earning as much as possible, only with a single minded concentration that I should take care of them and give them a befitting treatment and lifestyle that was denied to them all these years.I am actively searching for a suitable alliance for my elder sisters preferably from a professional like doctor or engineer. Any offer from you ? .

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