Sailing Paradise US and British Virgin Islands

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Sailing the US or British Virgin Islands could be quite an adventure.  If you remember any of the old or newer Pirate movies depicting beautiful hidden bays, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, then you can definitely feel like a pirate when sailing through these islands. Don’t forget your binoculars and snorkeling equipment. It will be a journey of discovery, learning about isolated bays and the colorful underwater life of this part of the Caribbean. With constant winds, clear blue water, lots of sunshine the US and British Virgin Islands are a true Sailor’s paradise.

The island I recommend flying into would be St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  It is fairly big and the port of many cruise ships.  You will pick up your boat with or without skipper at the marina and start your  sailing adventure the minute you leave the dock.  Make sure you study the map of islands very carefully as you are required to get a visa for the British Islands once you enter the Brithish Island Territories.  It is very simple though. The office is located right off the beach.  You dock your boat, fill out the paperwork and enjoy your visits to the different British Virgin Islands.

One island I recommend as an absolute must see is Virgin Gorda.  You will notice big boulders along the beach forming little pools.  This picturesque island promises awesome sunsets.  But that is not all.  You can rent a scooter here to go on an Virgin Gorda Island Discovery Tour.  At night, enjoy the sunsets, listen to some lively island music while sipping on caribbean drinks.

Make sure you have plenty of water and food on board.  Some of the smaller islands aren’t inhabited.  It will be just you and wildlife.  Camp out on the beach.  Enjoy the silence.  Or go on a treasure hunt through the island.  Who knows maybe you will find one of Captain Blackbeard’s treasure.

The silence and piece while sailing from bay to bay or island to island is incredible.  Some of the islands still look the same as they did seveal hundred years ago when the pirates used to sail by and fight for glory and fortune, but sometimes just for survival.  If you know how to dive, you will even find some underwater caves to explore.

If you are tired of beach vacation but don’t want to miss it either, I really recommend a two-week sailing adventure through the US and British Virgin Islands.  It will be an experience you won’t forget, an adventure exploring the new and exciting on a daily basis.


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