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I hope you read this because you want to learn what you as a woman can do to put yourself in check before you take his head off so you can have a better relationship with men.

Women are rising to a false, masculine power where competing with men and winning at all cost often becomes a woman’s sole purpose of existence. The sad fact is that it comes at a much higher cost than any woman can bare in the long run: Her true feminine essence becomes masculine, which is the biggest turn off to any man.

So how can women be “all woman” and still remain within their true feminine power? Emasculating men, or not, may have more to do with women’s ability to feel powerful than we as a society give it credit. Here are three tips on recognizing when you’re about to emasculate a guy:

#1: Are Your Words Neosporin for His Heart or are they Sharp Arrows in Disguise?

Most women have no conscious idea how piercing their words are to those around them, especially to men. If you want to cut off a man’s balls all you really need to do is tell him what a loser he is, how he’s not a real man, how he’s not a good provider, how he’s out of shape and not as buff as the guy from the gym. Even worse are statements that belittle him or telling him what to do or how to do it. Are you complaining that he doesn’t help out in the kitchen? And when he does you complain about how he doesn’t cut the tomatoes the way you do? Instead practice gratitude and the time you get to spend together and by all means practice what your mother told you: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” Just make sure you don’t give him the evil look instead…

#2: Are You Withholding Sex or Into Faking Your Orgasms?

Nothing castrates a man’s self-esteem more than a woman who uses sex as a weapon to “teach him” or “get back at him.” This includes the occasional headache or faking your orgasm. Most mothers wouldn’t send their child to bed without food for something they got in trouble for, because it’s plain inhumane. Likewise, sending a man to bed without allowing him to recharge his batteries when he needs it will certainly send him directly into another woman’s arms who will be more than happy to help him recharge his batteries. I know I may invite a verbal beating from many women here, but remember I’m a woman too and my advice comes from hard earned lessons. What do you want more: to be right at all cost or do you want unity and romance, bliss and happiness? If you want to be right then by all means manipulate your man with sex. If not, then try to loose yourself in utter trust into your man from time to time and watch a miracle take place.

#3: Do you Ooze Lack of Appreciation and Gratitude for All He Does?

The best way to emasculate a man is to expect him to take care of you and to never express or tell him how much you appreciate him and everything he does for you. If you want him to run himself raggedy and exhaust himself working even harder, accumulating even more stuff, being busy and gone for many hours a day, all you really need to do is withhold appreciation. Appreciation and respect is a man’s fuel to do even more for you than he already is. Tell him daily that you appreciate him and give him examples with what exactly you appreciate about him. Then show him with actions how grateful you truly are for his existence in your life.

Bonus Tip: And last but not least, make sure you don’t ever lie to your man. The cloak of trust is a fragile one indeed and the tiniest little white lie can put a tear in that cloak, which may never be repairable. Be yourself, authentic and honest and real while appreciating your man in his purest masculine essence. Then relax and trust that you’re doing your best and watch him go above and beyond for you. Just as important as being about his true purpose in life is his ambition to make you comfortable and happy and to give you everything you dream about!

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