Copying and pasting pics made with Adobe Flash Player

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If you have run into the same problem that I have before by trying to copy an image from the internet that was put up there with Adobe Flash Player then it will pay you to read on.

Normally when we try to get a pic from the internet for whatever reason all we have to do is click on the right tab which will give us the copy and paste options.

It won’t be as easy as that though if the pic was put up by Adobe Flash Player. When you right click you will not get the options to copy or paste the image. Don’t worry though, all hope is not gone. If you really want that image then it can be done by just following the steps below.

1. Hold down the Fn key on your keyboard and press the Print Screen key which should be marked as PrtSc.

2. When you do this you might think nothing has happened but you have just copied the whole screen.

3.Now you open up your ‘Paint’ program which will be under your accessories.

4. Once Paint is opened click the ‘edit’ option and you will have different options there.

5. Click the ‘paste’ option and the web page that you copied will appear.

6. Now click the ‘Image’ option and it will give you many choices to choose from.

7. You want to now choose the ‘Crop’ option.

8. The mouse cursor will now let you make a square around what you want to be your pic.

9. So go ahead and make the square around what you want to crop.

10. Once you have made that square around your image go back to the ‘Image’ option up on top and then choose crop again.

11. Your chosen image will now be the only thing left on the screen.

12. Select the ‘File’ option up on top and then click ‘Save’. You can save your pic as JPEG, GIF or some other options it will give you.

Once you have the pic saved you can do whatever you want with it! So you see, you can still get that image that you want. Yes, it is a little more work than the copy and paste way but this here is just to show you that it can be done. It’s not difficult at all, you may be a little slow doing it at first as you go through the steps but after doing it a few times you will breeze right through it.


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