Setting your system to free up disks space on windows operating system computers.

Here you want to right click on your my computer icon and select properties. Then click on the system restore tab.  If you never use your system restore or you only use it very seldom then you don’t need it to be maxed out. That is just using unnecessary disk space. Move the slider just like the same slider in your recycle bin all the way over to the left. I have mine put at 2%. Not a whole lot but yet enough just in case I’m going to need it. If you never use it you can also choose to select the (turn off system restore) which then you have it using nothing. I like mine on just in case. Then click on apply to save your changes and then ok. One thing I need to say here just to make sure you know is that if you find yourself using system restore a lot then you want to let it have a bit more disk space then what you see I have mine at. The worst thing ever is when you need to go back and make a change and set your computer back to an earlier date and it doesn’t go back far enough. So just make sure you do give it the amount you think you will need. Just to be on the safe side. Try to set up regular system date before you down load anything.  That with help you in the future if anything goes wrong. There you have it. Thanks for reading.

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