Everyday Kitchen Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Feeling tired and run down ? Maybe you seem to suffer a succession of colds and sniffles. It could be your immune system to blame. Our bodies have a natural defence against illness and infection, however irrespective of age it can be overwhelmed sometimes. Then as we get older our natural resistance to illness gradually begins to falter. The good news is we can all assist our immunity and give it a boost that doesn’t involve expensive supplements.

It might surprise you to learn that everyday foods you find in your kitchen contain the ability to power up a low immune system. These are simple vegetables, herbs and foods that we use all the time yet often little is known of the natural healing power they offer. Almost every kitchen in the land is likely to have one or more of the simple foods that you can put to good use today as an immunity booster.

Though all the foodstuffs mentioned warrant an article in their own right such is the healing power they offer, it is for their defence system enhancing properties they join this list. If you wish to improve your own health naturally use these foods regularly.

Broccoli – This is one of the cancer fighting super foods. It is power packed with vitamins, selenium, bioflavenoids and carotenoids all of which aid fighting disease and illness. Many studies support broccoli’s ability to prevent and suppress the growth of cancer cells particularly when used in conjunction with tomatoes which are another super food.

Garlic – Usually known for its ability to give you stinky breath and add to the flavour of Mediterranean dishes garlic is often considered the number one cancer fighter. Loaded with over a hundred compounds it has considerable antiviral and antibacterial properties. Its can reduce catarrh and bronchial infections and is effective in fighting sore throats. It can be placed on cuts to ward off germs and bacteria. To help mask its pungent odour chewing parsley is helpful.

Onion – A close relative to garlic is the common onion which also contains the natural antibiotic Alicin. Another rich source of bioflavenoids the humble onion can maintain cardiovascular function. Adding them either raw or cooked to your regular diet can really improve your normal health.

Carrots – Forget the tale of helping you seen in the dark although there is an element of truth in that. Carrots though are loaded with essential vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and power packed with beta-carotene. These are all nutrients much required to maintain your vitality and good health. Use them often and ideally raw or juice them as a refreshing drink.

Yoghurt – Although many people take yoghurt they may be surprised how potent it is in enhancing our natural systems. We all carry billions of bacteria in our bodies, particularly in the gut that fights invaders. Overuse of antibiotics kill the bad but sadly the good bacteria too. But regular doses of pro biotic yoghurt reloads and rebuilds our bacteria fighting footsoldier army.

Honey – If you consider honey just a sweetener you are missing out on a miracle food. It is brimming with healing energy and antibacterial power. It is thought that its high acidity dehydrates bacteria and creates an environment it cannot survive in. For common cold fighting honey, lemon and ginger in hot water is a well respected home remedy.

Fruit – Much is said about ensuring you eat your five portions of fruit and veg a day but with good reason. All forms of fruit particularly everyday kinds like apples, oranges, grapes, bananas and pears are all full of the vital vitamins, minerals and compounds that we as humans are designed to intake and process as our normal diet. By ensuring we have fruit as part of our daily diet we not only keep a healthy weight but a healthy immune system too.

As you can see there is no real need to spend a fortune on expensive supplements or pills that make extravagant miraculous claims. Good old everyday fruit, veggies and herbs can and will enhance your health and even better, they taste good too!

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