Why men end a relationship

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Are You About to Be Dumped?

Nothing is more annoying than when your partner leaves you without any explanation.

The time has ended

Maybe you had at least one break up that left you wondering: “What happened?” The guy was next to you, you were next to him and all seemed to lead to a fabulous future. Then, all of a sudden, he left the relationship. So, what went wrong? -Maybe nothing, this is the cruel truth. Here are five completely ridiculous reasons for which your boyfriend ended the relationship.

Women take it seriously when they meet the right men. Men take it seriously with anyone they have a date with, when they are finally ready to get involved. This means that after all the others aspects of life are arranged, whether it’s about finishing school, having a car and money, whether it came the moment when friends start to disappear (this is the moment when the man gets married).

But if you meet a guy before reaching this ‘magic’ stage of his life, it’s very likely for him to leave you. He won’t get used so fast with a life of responsibilities and explanations.

Men still haven’t finished their game

Men are made to reach a higher target. If there is any possibility to improve what they already have, then they will surely do it. Women will perceive them as being unserious.

In addition to their opportunistic tendencies, most guys feel forced to gather as many sexual conquests. None of them will ever experience enough women, because for every woman, the definition of the word ‘enough’ is different, so there is a change for him to remove you from his personal list just because you didn’t reach late enough on it.

Men are fixed on the worst scenario

From the moment you punished him because he has let a wet towel on the bed, he archives every incident in a mental folder called “Evidence for when she will get worse.” Men come back to that folder every time they try to decide keeping the relationship. They blame their friends who went down before them. Many unmarried guys are aware of what could go wrong after. Even if they are crazy about their mate now, they panic that she will want sex only once a month and that she will bother them because of insignificant issues day and night. So they keep in mind certain things that warn about worse times to come.

Men like, but they don’t fall in love

It is painful but true. In fact, this is the most likely reason why men end a relationship. Just because a guy likes you very much, it’s not a guarantee that he will get involved. And they have an amazing intuition when it comes about figuring out the potential of a woman.

But why men invest time in a relationship that will end sooner or later? They do it because they are able to live now for a while and then move to a “good experience”. But when their love mate shows them that she cares about their relationship more than they do, men end the relationship without remorse.

Men are too tied to you

When you just thought that the things that have been said until now were the worst scenario ever, here is something that is very hard to admit: Men protect their feelings, meaning that they are afraid not to be hurt. So if they start feeling that they get in the situation in which they would be destroyed if their partner would leave them, they could hit first.

It sounds crazy, but think about how vulnerable and paranoid you feel when you’re crazy about a guy. The same happens to men, but their friends are not so skilled to help them get over a former relationship. Moreover, a man with a broken heart seems weak. That’s why men prefer to act like winners before becoming losers. Before being assaulted by pain and humiliation, their best option is to end the relationship.

Are you about to be dumped?

Signs that show that your partner is going to leave you:

– His mobile phone is always off. He might spend the time with someone else than you. Or he just doesn’t want to be available for you.

– He’s reluctant when it comes about making plans. If he avoids talking about commitments, than he thinks to break up with you.

– He became acrimonious. The passive-aggressive break up is characteristic to a ‘standby’ guy. Some men intentionally become acrimonious; in order to be sure that you’ll be the one who will initiate the break up.

– He’s not ‘there’ when you have sex. He doesn’t want to feel connected to you or he fulfills his needs elsewhere.


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