7 Signs that he wants you back

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You broke up some time ago, but your ex boyfriend seems rather desirous to be again with you than to forget about your relationship. In this case, you should make sure that he really wants you back and, if the result is as expected, to act accordingly. Be sure that he will be as delighted with the result as you.

This happened to you also and, if not, it will happen. You pass throw a break up, but you don’t want him to forget you and meanwhile you realize that it would be a good idea to be together again.

There are pretty big chances that your ex boyfriend to feel the same, only he’s afraid to confess you this. And most times he listens to his pride and fear of being refused, although he would have considerable chances to be with you.

To make sure that your ex feels the same, we prepared you 7 signs that he wants you back. If he meets at least two of these signs, than it’s obvious that he hasn’t forgot you.

1. Signs from far: he makes everything possible to get around you, either directly or through relatives / friends.

2. Looks and touches: every time when you’re together he tries to get closer to you, to touch you or to look at you deeply.

3. Very much time: even if during your relationship your boyfriend was complaining all the time that he doesn’t have too much free time, now he has all the time in the world to spend in your company.

4. Style changes: all your demands finally found a resolution. Now he understands that he should pay more attention to his appearance, he gave up that horrible hair color (of which you have complained from the beginning of the relationship) and became the man with whom you’d like to meet.

5. Explanation and efforts: Your ex boyfriend makes sincere efforts to explain you his new projects and asks for your advice constantly, although he wasn’t appreciating your opinion in the past.

6. But why? He always brings in discussion your break up and explains you why you ended your relationship and how things could be better.

7. The future sounds good: I don’t know why, but he considers you when it comes about all his future plans, although he wasn’t doing this at all before ending your relationship.

If these signs are usual in the relationship with your ex…Then maybe you should think twice and forgive him…This is the way men are, more difficult.


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