5 Website Optimization Tip for Search Engine Traffic

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There are many things you can do on your website to make it easy for the search engine to index your site and better place them on the search results to help get more search engine visitors to your websites.

Here are 5 website optimization methods you should be doing:

  1. Add meta keywords to your pages : You should add relevant meta keywords to your site content to all your pages between the tag.
  2. Properly name and tag the images on your pages : You should name your images with your keyword and also describe your images properly to help get search engine traffic from image searches.
  3. Describe your pages : Again proper description of your page will help the search engine know what your page is all about. Your page description should tell what your site is all about in 2-3 sentences.
  4. Use your website keywords in your text : You should use your keywords throughout your pages especially in the top 2 paragraphs. Don’t over do or under do this.
  5. Link your pages together : You should link all your pages together either via links in your text or through a menu or table of contents. This tells the search engines that all your pages are related and they will also index those pages and give more relevance to your pages in the search results as more pages are linking to your page.

These tips are simple to implement and can be done quite quickly. These tips are only the basic of website optimization but are important as the groundwork for more work.


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